PHOENIX | Astra | 425 + 541 FT | 44 FLOORS

„ Details:

  • They’re rushing the process because city council is going on summer break for 2 months, and their funding is in trouble if there’s any other delay. If everything goes through, early 2024 start of construction.
  • The hotel is with Tower 1/phase 1, the shorter of the structures. It will have its own amenities, and copper-clad if I heard him correctly (concern over how dark the facade was but it was more of a projector issue). The taller structure is the residential apartments for lease.
  • Tower 2/phase 2 will be offices AND coliving/coworking, they’re taking inspiration from X projects. The 300 units listed means 300 2-4-Bedroom units with each bedroom having its own en-suite so it could be up to 900 rentable units there (which they claim would help with the affordability problem in downtown).
  • No workforce housing, as per the revised GPLET, they’re now donating $5.5M instead to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.
  • Total $535 investment to develop the property
  • There are 1,156 parking units (big discussion cause running the numbers, it seems over-provisioned), a part of that is dedicated for YMCA since it is part of the deal to redeveloping their parking lot. The city won’t let them use the parking garage immediately to the south.
  • Parking is “all underground parking” but it is apparently also up to the first 6-7 floors of some of the towers which will be hidden by the facade? Yeah, I put it in quotes cause they keep repeating it and I have no idea what to make of it on which is which.
  • All traffic ingress/egress will be on 2nd ave, no access from the alleyway behind (apart from back of house stuff)
  • Because of this, their last discussion with Phoenix FD is they still have to add a 3rd lane on 2nd ave, but sounds like there’s still room for negotiations there.
  • The Paseo will be at least 60’ wide and will be considered public“

I have not yet been able to find an official link about the first skyscraper in Phoenix. Because only link is to a discussion in SSP forum about this project.


Why is this even allowed? You’re public servants. You should not be allowed to just go on break for 2 months

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Developer moving forward on AZ’s tallest tower after securing tax agreement (

This was from back in July but good to see this tower moving forward. According to the Business Journal article they are anticipating a mid-2027 completion.