Philadelphia | Fishtown Power Plant (Redevelopment)

Phase 1 of the project will include a surface parking lot on the north side of the site. However, it looks like the owners plan on developing that section of the property in the future. Their current future plans for the north side include several modern buildings surrounded by public space. These plans will likely evolve over the years as the rest of the property is activated.

„Other notable plans for the Delaware Generating Station include restaurants, a performing arts space, and a concert barge. The plans also call for a promenade along the Palmer Street side of the building and to beautify Palmer Street and Columbia Avenue on the river side of Delaware Avenue. The whole stretch of waterfront will be hardscaped and programmed with bike trails, tiered seating, and other amenities. Plans also call for activating Pier 61 with the potential future use as a pool club and ice skating rink. We imagine the pool and ice skating rink would need to be on a barge, but have not hear about how these will be logistically included.“


I love this project-the green space along the river will be a great addition and will help the Nirthbank mega development begin to flow all the way to Center City. This project is called “The Battery,” and will have more than 300 residential units.

Do you have the official link about “The Battery”?
Is this project under construction?

Yup-the renovation of the power plant is well underway, and construction work on the new waterfront park/future buildings will begin sometime in the coming future.


Thanks, Skier for the update. :+1:

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