PHILADELPHIA | 232-36 Walnut St | 184 FT | 15 FLOORS

Another new skyscraper proposal!

This new tower will be built at 3rd and Walnut in Society Hill. 184 FT isn’t the most exciting height but the tower will still be seen from a south Philly. I like the historic look to the tower. It will have ground floor retail at the bottom, and surprisingly will be the home to a hotel on top. Overall, I think it’s a solid proposal and I still can’t believe how many new skyscrapers have been proposed in Philly recently.


Lots of people on SSP think this will not be approved, it does look fine to me. However I don’t understand why they would approve those 3 ugly brutalism towers in Society Hill built in the 60’s


I’m optimistic that it will get approved. In this economy, you really need to take what you can get.


By the 1950’s, this area had become a slum.

This is long but if you go to 38:00 they talk about these towers. Parts of cities across the US had become so run down the feeling at the time was ‘renewal’.
Also this -


Very nice!

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Unfortunately, due to the NIMBYs of Society Hill, this plan has been downsized to 8 floors. It’s a shame to, because the original plan was gorgeous, would have been great to see built.


Looks pretty.