NOTTINGHAM | Lace Market Studios | 30M | 99FT | 10 FLOORS

Height - 30m / 99ft

Space - 114 residential units

Use - Student / Residential

Developer - Church Lukas

Architects - Church Lukas

Website -

Expected Completion - Summer 2016

Lace Market Studios, formerly known as ‘B Siegel Maiden Lane’ is a 10 storey student development currently under construction in Nottinghams historic Lace Market area, opposite the ice arena containing two rinks which host sporting and leisure events.

The Lace Market is filled with listed Victorian brick warehouses, where the city boomed and thrived off of the lace economy of the 19th century. The area is also known for its two historic churches, the galleries of justice as well as holding a heavy amount of the cities medieval caves deep under ground; people use to live in these caves up until WW2.

The build was previously planned as an 8 storey block, but despite the delicate historic cityscape, the developer went ahead with a 10 storey block, which if anything was more in keeping with the area. This is due its position which bridges the dense Victorian blocks of the Lace Market with the more modern east side, which is planned as a ‘tall building zone’, where buildings of up to 30 storeys or more have a much higher chance of getting approved; an example of this is the Former NCT Depot:

Photos taken by me from the other day as per the below.

Taken from outside Ice House with a dense cluster forming behind:

Here is a close up at the cladding to the rear, quality brick I must say:

From further down the road:


Nice project, Stig,

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The developer is now Omni Developments, who have formed from their Architectural practice.

From the developers instagram.

Final vs render



This project is now nearing completion. The brickwork looks fantastic, a quality development this is!

Taken by me of the rear on Saturday: