NEWARK | 315 Mulberry Street | 45 + 45 FLOORS | 1,300 UNITS

1,300-unit development made up of 2 45-story towers has been proposed for Downtown Newark. It will replace a massive parking lot


Possible new tallest?

Regardless some new skyscrapers for newark, lots of units, and replacing a surface parking lot.

Let’s get it


Tons of potential, all of those surface lots. I don’t think this will be the tallest but densest development, potentially, right next to the IDT redevelopment near the river.

1300 units, much less 2100 with IDT was unheard of a few years ago. A lot of good movement as NYC’s high prices are an asset for Newark and Jersey City.

The nice thing with Newark is that the transit is great. The light rail, bus network, feeder networks into Newark Penn, it really in time I think see LIC level of development, only a matter of time. Maybe not as tall but unit wise, we may see that…