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From jersey city today

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Check this news! I wonder if it’s correct! And I hope it is! Because…

"BIG replaced Foster & Parters last year, although reports last month suggested developer Larry Silverstein could still switch back to the original architect.

SOM’s 1 and 7 WTC are already open, as is Fumihiko Maki’s 4 WTC.

KPF’s 5 WTC is on hold and there is no 6 WTC.

Santiago Calatrava’s transit hub opened earlier this year and the performing arts centre, on which REX replaced Frank Gehry, is scheduled for a 2019 opening."

Holy Towers, finally a news that say about the 5WTC and the Performing Arts Center at least!
What do you all think about it?

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At least we finally hear some news!

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Port Authority Said to Seek Support for New WTC ‘Sphere’ Site

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I wonder where it will be located…

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The yellow is were I think the Sphere could be located, the blue is the American Response Monument


This news brings good news ^^


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If the Sphere is relocated here (which is should be), the only place in Liberty Park that could support the weight of it is to the west of the Church, or the “plaza”.

The plaza is for weddings, but the church is not done yet, there could be a change. I’d like to see it there too

The circular plaza is specifically designed to support the structure. To my knowledge, there is no other place within Liberty Park that will be able to accomodate it.

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That’s interesting, Otie.

Guess we all must wait for any news of the Sphere’s new spot.

Here’s some great news:

Thank you, Mr. Perelman!


That’s great news!
Finally a good news about the Performing Arts Center (PAC)!

Now, the renderings of its new design are still to be shown to the public, including us all. Can’t wait after this news, but I must.

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This trailer shows the New WTC! I was surprised by that and I forgot many times to share this with you all here! :smiley:

Needless to say, the view of NYC skyline from the Statue of Liberty is completely innacurate, it was made before BIG’s 2 WTC proposal and the 1 WTC’s spire with its original cladding wasn’t built in reality.
And if you pause it, you can see a bit of 3 WTC’s base!

Great news about the PAC’s construction, thanks to Ronald O. Perelman!

Still, I wonder about that PAC’s design on this render. It is nice, but I can’t be 100% certain if that’s the one to be built.
Any ideas everyone?


If it is the design, I like it better than that crazy Gehry design.

The same people (REX Architecture) who re-imagined 5 Manhattan West Have replaced Gehry.

My preference would have been Calatrava again or I think Bjarke could have been actually pretty good for this but then again…this development doesn’t have the big funding to tab those architects.

Anyways, looking forward to see more details & hope this thing starts soon.

I like their work.



This is so cool and impressive! :smiley:
Not just the One WTC, but also other buildings of New York, including ESB, Grand Central Station and the Oculus are shown in the video!

Legoland unveils tallest Lego model to honor One World Trade Center


Here is a drawing I made for a better understanding of the PAC in that render