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A new hotel may soon be rising at the corner of Hudson and Canal Streets in Soho/Hudson Square/whatever this area is called. Tribeca Citizen looked into the somewhat confusing site, and found a website for a project called the Hudson Square Hotel, to be located on said site. According to the website, the project is still in the very early stages, but it’s being developed by Rafi Gibly and two former Italian soccer stars, Paolo Maldini and Christian Vieri (apparently the pair also has a fashion label and a few restaurants in Milan). No plans have been filed for the development, but the website, which has a few renderings of the proposed building, says it would be a 30,000-square-foot luxury hotel with 50 to 60 guest rooms, including suites and a penthouse.

The website also says the hotel will have “two restaurants, a lounge/bar, outdoor pool, rooftop sun deck with outdoor dining, a state-of-the-are [sic] gym and conference room.” There will be “a trendy restaurant on the ground floor, bar/lounge on second and a restaurant/bar/private event space on the roof.” Additionally, “amenities will include in-room dining, concierge service, mini bar, transportation, in-room entertainment, laundry and dry cleaning and personal training.” They expect the hotel to open by early 2016. They also are confused about the name of the new World Trade Center:

NYC hit a record high of over 52 million tourists with the Downtown area having the highest occupancy rate. This number is expected to increase significantly as the Freedom Towers are approaching their completion. In addition, empty land lots for development in Manhattan are extremely scarce and practically non-existent. With our unique zoning and location, we have absolute optimism in the financial potential that this investment might bring to all parties involved.

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Best mid rise I’ve seen in a while. A classic design which looks similar to the mid rises in Seattle.

This one is under construction.


Canal Street has such great potential. I’d like to see the number of car lanes reduced significantly so that it could become more pedestrian oriented with greenery.


nibys won’t allow the upzoning of soho, ever

no one should, the cast iron buildings are priceless.


there’s quite a few parking lots on the corners especially around canal, and loads of one story retail space and other structures (like bars) which are clearly not historic or architecturally significant and could support more mass


You’re totally entitled to your opinion but I think that would be very destructive to soho in general. Could you imagine cast iron buildings with random glass fingers in between? There’s a reason why anything new that has built in the neighborhood has been fairly contextual.

I think you need the low rise “relief” between downtown and midtown skylines, other wise the skyline would be very monotonous. Part of what makes the NYC skyline so exciting is the variation of height in large areas. Of course what is really making the skyline is the emergence of a prominent skyline in Jersey City, Long Island City and Downtown Brooklyn adding a new expansive dimension.


no, not glass office towers, but solid contextual buildings that are a third higher than it’s neighbors

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