NEW YORK | 503 Canal St (231 Hudson) | 119 FT | 11 FLOORS

Construction Update: 503 Canal Street


503 Canal Street

Construction has made major headway at 503 Canal Street, also known as 2 Renwick Street, in Hudson Square. The development spans through the block and has frontage at 231 Hudson Street, as well. The Metropolis Group is developing, and Gene Kaufman is the architect of record.

503 Canal Street

Per approved diagrams and permits, the entirety of the development will total 97,000 square feet. The site is configured with one continuous structure spanning through the block, though the facade will differ depending on the street the building is viewed from.

503 Canal’s scope will appear larger from Hudson Street, as that end will rise 119 feet and 11 stories, while the frontage along Renwick and Canal Streets will be shorter, at 107 feet and 10 floors. The hotel will have 325 rooms, and with exterior scaffolding now up, façade installation appears imminent.

The other side of the site, at 231 Hudson Street

On-site renderings indicate Kaufman’s latest addition to Lower Manhattan will be inoffensive. The scope is moderate, and the eventual appearance should be surprisingly pleasant. Notable features include setbacks on the 10th floor, but otherwise, the envelope is plain. Vegetation will apparently rise after the setbacks, and the hotel will also come with an elevated outdoor space.

Per signage, 503 Canal will be completed this November.

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July 27 2014

Construction Update: 2 Renwick


2 Renwick

While development is booming across Lower Manhattan, the block of SoHo that contains 2 Renwick and 261 Hudson Street has seen particularly significant changes in recent months. Work is now wrapping up at 2 Renwick, which will likely come out more attractive than depicted in renderings, while excavation is finally underway at 261 Hudson, where earth is moving quickly.

2 Renwick aka 503 Canal aka 231 Hudson

YIMBY last posted about the 10-story and 325-room 2 Renwick in early June, and the development has made significant headway since then; the brick facade appears to have been nearly fully installed, and a peek under the scaffolding reveals an attractive and subdued look, though windows are still pending.

2 Renwick’s brick facade

The site spans through the block, with other listed addresses of 503 Canal 231 Hudson Street; Kaufman is the architect, and the Metropolis Group is the developer.


2 Renwick is expected to open later this year, while 261 Hudson has a summer 2016 completion date. Together, the buildings round out the last large redevelopment opportunities on the block, which still has some smaller sites worthy of new buildings.

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