NEW YORK | Ritz-Carlton NoMad (1185 Broadway) | 580 FT | 40 FLOORS

All of the stores and the garage are now closed. I hope that Demo starts soon and that something great rises here!


These junky stores and the adjacent black garage have been closed for months. It looks like demo will start soon.

Dec 30, 2015

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News from Yimby:

Hopefully, Vinoly does something decent.

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Vinoly huh?? Hope it will be something interesting.

Nice height at 580’. This area of NoMad will be creeping up height wise with this, 15 East 30th, the Bancroft, and Vinoly’s other tower that will be rising at 281 Fifth.

I agree, VG. The next eyesore that I hope will go is 1158-1160 B’Way. I suspect its time is limited.

Workers were onsite today, Feb 11th .


Demo work has started on the one-story buildings, bit it has not started yet on the adjacent, long-vacant garage.

Feb 16th

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1185 Broadway, Manhattan

Hotelier Paul Kanavos is planning a 146-key hotel in NoMad, on the corner of Broadway and West 28th Street. The structure will stand 40 stories and encompass 164,389-square-feet of space, 11,190 square feet of which are earmarked for commercial use. Kanavos’ Flag Luxury Properties bought the site – along with the adjacent plot at 29 West 28th Street – back in February of last year, paying $100 million to commercial investor Clark Wile & Mayer.

As of March 11th, the lowrise structures are largely gone, but demo work has not commenced on the adjacent, vacant parking garage.


Demo is starting on the garage!

March 17th

These gems deserve a great neighbor!

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March 30th

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This PoS garage is coming down quickly.
May 2nd


This is awesome. I will not rest until all the garages in Manhattan are razed and replaced with towers!


I agree, Lion!

That garage is completely demolished now. They were cleaning up the rubble today.


That was fast! I’d even take a lame Vinoly box over the crap that occupied this site.

June 1st

This old building across the street is really gorgeous. It could use some TLC, but it’s a gem.

The site had now been fully cleared!!


This isn’t by Vinoly, so I assume it’s no longer current – not that I expect anything better from Vinoly.

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Lot is cleared but no action as of yesterday.


Still no actio on July 27th. As per Erich Remarque: “All’s Quiet on the Western Front,” and as per Samuel Beckett, they’re “Waiting for Godot”!

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