NEW YORK | The Amberly (120 Nassau St) | 425 FT | 33 FLOORS

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Permits Filed: 120 Nassau Street


The former 199 Jay Street, now being demolished, via Google Maps

The first permits are up for a major mixed-use development in Downtown Brooklyn, located at the intersection of Nassau and Jay Streets. While the applications are filed under 120 Nassau Street, the site includes an office building at 199 Jay Street that is currently being demolished. Woods Bagot is the architect of record, and Thomas Aschmoneit of 203 Jay St. Assoc LLC is listed as the developer.

120 Nassau Street will total 290,420 square feet, and the project will be divided between residential, hotel, and ‘community facility’ components, split between two buildings. The hotel will rise eight floors and have 119 rooms, while the apartment tower will rise 32 stories, with 381 units; the Schedule A has additional floor-by-floor details.

Given the residential portion will stand 425 feet tall, 120 Nassau Street will make an impression on the greater skyline, as the lot is located close to the edge of Downtown Brooklyn. Woods Bagot has a forward-thinking and attractive slate of recent work, and the firm’s involvement would indicate an appealing end-product at 120 Nassau Street.

120 Nassau Street aerial, via Google Maps

The old 199 Jay Street was also attractive, though the loss of the 7-story structure should yield an improvement that makes better use of the land underneath. 120 Nassau Street will stand next to an entrance for the Manhattan Bridge, and given potential visibility, the site merits an iconic design, which Woods Bagot will hopefully deliver. An abundance of parking lots in the surrounding neighborhood beg additional development, and as the Brooklyn boom accelerates, rapid changes appear likely for the entire area in the near-future.

No completion date for 120 Nassau Street has been announced, but with demolition already underway at 199 Jay Street, construction would appear imminent.


June 2 2014

Revealed: 213 Jay Street


213 Jay Street, rendering by Woods Bagot

Last month, YIMBY brought you news of permits filed for a major new mixed-use project on the northern tip of downtown Brooklyn.

While the marketing address of the development hasn’t yet been pinned down – we’ve seen 120 Nassau Street, 199 Jay Street, 203 Jay and 213 Jay – we have obtained a rendering depicting a building planned for the site, with a design by the Australian-born international design firm Woods Bagot.

The dominant color is brownish-red, and in the rendering, it appears similar to the rust-like color that was so well-received at Barclays Center, on the other side of downtown Brooklyn. The structure has a bulky base which then sets back after about 10 floors, and the top of the building sports a modernist crown, part of which is cantilevered over the rest of the tower.

The rendering shows about as many floors as the permit indicated (32), and it would, according to the application, rise 425 feet, and contain 381 apartments and 119 hotel rooms. (Given that the filing only indicates 230,355 square feet of residential floor space, we doubt that it will ultimately hold that many housing units.)

Text that went along with the rendering said that the apartments would be rentals (though, mercifully, we see no PTAC units marring the façade – perhaps the builder is taking a cue from TF Cornerstone?), and that the tower would contain an eight-floor hotel and a single-floor commercial tenant, plus community and common space, consistent with the permit’s indication of 58,309 square feet of commercial space and 1,756 square feet reserved for community facilities.

213 Jay Street, before the demolition of No. 199; overhead shot from Bing Maps

The tower will be an enormous upgrade for the area, whose urban fabric was ripped apart by Robert Moses. This corner of downtown Brooklyn is forlorn and strewn with pedestrian-hostile empty lots, useless towers-in-a-park open space and elevated highways, and development – especially a tower as attractive as the one Woods Bagot appears to have designed – would be an improvement. The building should fill nearly the whole block, bounded by Nassau, Jay and Concord Streets.

AmTrust Realty, the project’s developer, did not return YIMBY’s request for comment.

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