NEW YORK | Red Hook Waterfront Redevelopment

agreed, his lowrise work in Denmark is pretty good.

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Via 57 IMO is probably his best work in NYC.

Yeah the Via is a nice design. I wish it was maintained better. It’s starting to look a little rough if you look closely.

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A new neighborhood is literally in the works here.


It will be great if they can incorporate some kind of transportation to link Red Hook to downtown

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Unfortunately it’s not going to get much better than this (at least not in our lifetimes):

The city will never be bold enough to create something like this, unfortunately:

Use this map as a reference

From North to South

The Fields at Columbia Piers

View of The Fields at Columbia Piers from Governors View residential development

New Atlantic Basin District subway station at The Steps

The Steps public waterfront terrace at Atlantic Basin from Buttermilk Depot residential development

A new streetscape through Red Hook Houses

Red Hook Rambla pedestrian corridor connecting Red Hook Houses to the waterfront

Extension of the 1 train + 3 new Stations



The American mind cannot comprehend that.

Isn’t it exhausting complaining before a plan is even released?

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It would be easier to create a G spur that would connect to Clark and High St stations.

I feel like a LRT would work here to bring it to downtown. They could even pull design cues from the air train

We’ll probably see another streetcar proposal soon enough. These tend to come and go every decade or so. They’re a windfall for consultants, so it’s an opportunity that is not to be missed.

source: Key Information — BQX

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If the city gets all this “undeveloped” land, they’ll have a white canvas - why not building a light rail from Red Hook to Atlantic?, no need to dig

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We can’t even get barriers for subway stations, the BQE renovation is taking 1,000 years of review to get going, Second Ave Subway isn’t even halfway finished, IBX is taking 1,000 years of review to get going, City Council stalemates every development or proposal they get to their office,

Aka. This is the biggest city in the world with the slowest f*** system of getting things done ever.

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I have a feeling someone is about to dismiss your realistic observations as «exhausting» pessimism.


I assume that is directed at me? If you have something to say about it feel free to pm me about it. My previous comment was targeted and not a broad statement about anything else other than this project.

Yeah, I suppose this could have been a “direct message” as well.

I am just following your precedent. I didn’t mean to stir the pot, rock the boat or ruffle feathers. Please forgive me if that’s how it looks.

It seems like you’re trying to pick a fight for zero reason on something that wasn’t said towards/had nothing to do with you (which was mostly in jest- which I know can be hard to glean from text). Streetscaper responded and it was left at that.