NEW YORK | One High Line | 76 11th Ave | 400 + 300 FT | 28 & 38 FLOORS

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Anyone seen any recent renderings for that plaza? Such an opportunity to do something great there, though the early renderings had it just a flat, empty space. Not sure what that serpentine construction is, but it seems like some sort of bench/landscaping combo.

If you look down past the high line, on street level, you can see some of the landscape design. This is the only look at the proposed landscape design at this point. This is not a recent, detailed, clear view - but will do for now.

Thanks! And there it is. Granted, this is not a rendering specifically OF that plaza, but only a little promising. Better than a blank plaza I suppose. Not sure it’s some sort of artifact in the rendering, but it would be hugely disappointing if they do in fact rebuild that billboard. It would have been nice to see some sort of de facto grand entrance to the high line built here, integrated with the retail space at ground level. Can’t really tell from this rendering that’s how it will pan out.


Nice zoom…
Here is an excerpt from their website -

Our landscape design approach is very sensible to the reality of the world today. It is our duty to develop innovative concepts and solutions for climate adaptation. A detailed analysis of the site was made including sun, climate, and wind. With this information Enea could select the appropriate plant species, inspired by the local flora of New York. The solar radiation was carefully analyzed to understand the potential to lower the heat island effect, a current phenomenon in today’s large cities. The heat island effect is characterized by concrete that absorbs the heat during the day and emits this heat during the night. Another aspect of Enea’s analysis was noise pollution coming from the surrounding areas. The whole project was designed in accordance with New York City’s sustainability goals which require all new buildings to be covered with solar panels, green roofs or a combination of the two. The advantages of green roofs are a cooling effect in the summertime with energy cost savings on air conditioning, as well as recreating the natural collection of storm water in planted areas reducing the water flow into the city’s sewers. Furthermore, with the aim of fostering biodiversity the plant selection is a combination of native plant species that create habitats for pollinators providing food and refuge for bees, butterflies, and birds in this highly urban metropolis.

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