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Well on that subject, decreasing the available transportation (which is currently only vehicular) to that particular site wouldnt resolve that issue. If anything involving transport needs to be addressed, it’s the subway.

@lowkeylion no one said anything about his contributions or time on the forums, you did.


I hope to see an uber-luxury HY Casino in a very tall, iconic hotel with condos above it.

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Well we know condo’s are not a part of Wynn/Related’s intended proposal, but it’s possible that the tower itself could be tall, I don’t know about very tall though.

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I’m thinking like 700’ to 800’ maybe? Something like that

I think something in this region is plausible, compared to the height of Encore Las Vegas, which has 2034 rooms and is 631’ compared against W/R’s 1300 room proposal, but it is an extremely wide building. It all depends how the rooms are laid out, whether around a central core or lined horizontally (like a number of Las Vegas type builds.)

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I think that most of Phase 2 is residential, so I don’t see why the proposal can’t include condos at the top.

Well I mainly stated that as a reiteration of what Wynn/Related has said is included in their proposal, it doesn’t include condos.

I think at this point, their focus is to get the license. For all we know, they’ll add twenty floors of condos above the hotel, which I think is supposed to be over 1,000 rooms.

That’s a fair point, but I don’t think they would’ve released their intentions with thoughts of majorly changing it, whether they get the license or not. I don’t see this as playing a major factor in any of the developers making huge changes to their plans, as it pertains to those who have said what their plans are.

1300 rooms is a lot for a NYC hotel (comparatively) and it would complicate things to add a different function build on top of a hotel tower, making it a mixed-use residential project.

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I’m surprised at that fact with the hotel rooms. I thought that there would be some of the largest number of hotel rooms in the US. But maybe it’s just there are so many hotels

maybe it could be a shared base (the office portion of the site plan) with the casino/venue space and multiple towers above?

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That’s a possibility, but generally, if condos are made part of the plan, I don’t see them as being in the same building as the hotel.

@mcart the largest hotels in the US are almost all found in Las Vegas, the largest of them being the Venetian and Palazzo with 7092 rooms jointly, the latter having 4049 rooms. Comparatively, the largest hotels in NYC are the Marriott Marquis and NY Hilton Midtown, which both have over 1900 rooms.

Which is interesting. Is it just because of the size of the buildings, which can’t reasonably be put into Manhattan? Or is it just the number of hotels around NYC that means a single hotel with a huge number of rooms isn’t needed or wanted by developers?

Because I know NYC gets more tourists than Vegas.


I do see it as a size (in terms of available land) issue. As one also has to take into account that NYC hotel rooms are also very small compared to the average hotel room, they are giant in Las Vegas even when not suites, so that makes the comparison even more off-balanced.

It is difficult to really answer that question because as you’ve said, NYC enjoys sprouting little and big hotels here and there, but no where on the level of the big hotels that it does have, like the Marquis, Hilton Midtown, Sheraton, or former Grand Hyatt. I personally wouldn’t see the need for NYC to have a giant hotel building like those in Las Vegas because the need is evenly spread out, the hotels in LV are large because of their casino’s and because they are (for the most part) the only place to stay.


The Soloviev proposal would work with the 3rd phase of the 2nd Avenue subway, but that’s years away, we can’t depend on any adequate pairing there.

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@007 I don’t even understand what you said so no comment

@mcart, I put this together to show you the level of extremely varying sizes of the top 10 largest hotels in the city. The sizes of the rooms themselves are what determines how big these buildings are. But just to put into perspective of line up but not scale, the Hudson Yards proposal would end up in 6th place, but it’s almost definite that it would be more relatable in size to the first three, again, determinant on how big the rooms are.
The towers in the back are The Palazzo LV, Encore LV, and Wynn LV


The Marriott Marquis may not look so awesome from outside, but I was researching the interiors and I’m so confused. Maybe I’ll try and find diagrams and floor plans

Ok, now I see how it works. I knew the wings on the north and south has units, but I couldn’t see how it worked because I thought they were too thin. But each wing is one row of many units, as the main halls of each wing are towards the internal void. Units are located in the west face, and all are easily accessible by the large elevator in the void. The setup seems very awesome, but it would be nice if the void could be used to extend space. And the ONLY revolving restaurant in NYC…awesome


Yep, that’s why the inward facing portion of the wings outside of the atrium are blank walls because the hallways are on the opposite side.

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