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Is there an official date when the casino licenses will be issued?

Per NYguy

The New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC) announced late Friday afternoon that its Gaming Facility Location Board (GFLB) will meet Tuesday afternoon in New York City. The agenda posted for the 3:30 pm ET meeting shows the board will consider a “request for application” (RFA) to develop casinos.

The board will also discuss what the license fee will be for the casinos, as well as the minimum required investment for the developments. State Sen. Joseph Addabbo, a Queens Democrat who chairs the Senate Committee on Racing, Gaming, and Wagering, expects the licenses to go for at least $500 million each.


the east side proposal makes the least sense to me out of all the ones that we have seen so far


I agree. It’s also too far away for most people.


and the closest subway is the 4/5/6 at grand central (until the T is built, if ever) .

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I still hope to see the Project 42 project get built from river to river.

What is Project 42?

It’s the planned renovation of Pier 42 and the surrounding area east of the FDR on the East River to be transformed into parkland/greenspace and recreational space currently under construction.

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No. It entails closing 42nd St to cars and having bigger sidewalks and a street car.


Yeah, I would’ve said 42nd St Development, not Project 42, as thats used more for the Pier 42 Project. It’s not an “actual” project still, just a proposal.

I think that it was actually named Project 42. It even had a website.

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It was Vision42 — not Project 42.

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I can’t find one relevant to that, whenever Project 42 is searched, it shows more results for the Pier 42 project, but eitherway, any 42nd St project wouldn’t bring that much more traffic to the Soloviev site anyways because its still a block south of 42nd st and that end of is it where the FDR off ramp is.

See what I posted above. It’s been a long time since this was discussed.

At a minimum, I’d like to see all cross-town streets from Canal to 96th made one-way and limited to one car lane and one bus lane with widened sidewalks and bike lanes.

They should be beautiful boulevards- not traffic-choked warzones.


Remember this is the NYC Casino thread @robertwalpole, not the Pedestrianize NYC thread. :+1:


Yes, but the issue arose with Solow’s site being far from the subway.