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A new competitor has joined the fight!


It’ll be interesting to see what they do if they don’t get the license

This is a pretty nice proposal, I think the architecture fits in very nicely with that of the coliseum.

@mcart as I understand the article, if they don’t get the license, it seems like they will be taking the revenue generated from the Coliseum as they are long term leasing it and the land it is on.


This new Nassau Cty/Veterans Memorial Coliseum plan seems pretty good. If any of the projects in Manhattan get denied, this is a great way to bring some action outways.

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Well it does say in this article

That the casino would only be like a tenth of the site, and would mostly be a resort and entertainment hub

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I think that figure also depends on how much percentage of the overall site the development would take out and then that 10th of that site. It is quite possible that they could build the project without the casino and just have it sort of be convention space and lodging for the coliseum since like you mentioned it would also be an entertainment hub with restaurants, etc. There’s plenty of precedent projects for things like that.

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I totally disagree, simply for the fact that it’s not really transit connected. They are excluding a massive potential market from that alone.

I partially agree and disagree, because while the number of available transit options will always help bring people to a location (of any sort) it’s not the only determining factor in the success of said location, otherwise the other casino resorts throughout the state and across the country that are not in urban areas would not be as successful as they are, take Mohegan Sun in CT for example, a wildly successful resort that is in a somewhat secluded small town. People like to sometimes be secluded from a lot of hustle and bustle and that’s a quality that makes those non urban casinos successful. That being said, Uniondale isn’t that non urban in the greater context of Nassau county, but generally, I don’t think transit should be seen as one of the sole defining factors of whether a casino would be good or not.

I think people will come whether there is transit availability or not, they will still want to gamble or have a good time.

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Like, plenty of parking is needed and tons of column free space for machines.



Per: NYguy on SSP


Starting to dig into this casino topic a bit. Looking first at the process and then at the proposals.


Please not at Empire Station Complex no

possible to build a casino in Herald Square

Hotel McAlpin?

Vornado fell off Fortune 500 recently and owns a lot of trashy properties in Herald square. Normally I wouldn’t be on their side, but the west side between 30th and 50th streets is the right place for this project. Lots of tourists are there already and the project could spur development in a desolate area.

SL Green’s proposal in Times Square is too small and not a dedicated building. Soloviev’s site near the UN is a transit desert and will face major community opposition. Related’s idea for HY could tick off their own tenants and even with the one subway station is far West side. Quite a bit out of the way of other tourist spots.

Vornado has the best location and most flexibility IMHO.


Per:Billionaire Stefan Soloviev On Why He’s Betting $3 Billion On A Casino In Manhattan


More conceptual renderings from Soloviev proposal:

PDF proposal


really not getting the purpose of a ferris wheel on the east side… sandwiched between buildings? not even on the waterfront? tbh it would fit so much better on the other side of the river