NEW YORK | Met Life Building (200 Park Ave.) | 808 FT | 59 FLOORS

That’s what I assumed.


I really like the shape, and for life-long New Yorkers, it’s an iconic presence that I could not imagine being without. A shiny new facade would be nice though.




I have never liked this building. It’s a behemoth with a boring facade that undid magical views from the north and south parts of Park Avenue. But I agree that it’s not coming down.

Personally, I put this building in the same category as the twin towers–not the fairest of them all, but so dominant and assertive a presence on the skyline that it is iconic. While it would have been lovely to see the Helmsley Building from the south, I must admit that I enjoy the surrealist sight of this brutal, uncompromising modern building rising behind the ornate Beaux Arts station. That view–GCT front and center, MetLife rising in the back, and One Vanderbilt off to the side–is one of my favorites because it’s a visual reminder that NYC always grows and changes. Three monumental buildings from three very different eras and styles co-existing. Can’t wait until 175 Park joins the parade.


Would it be conceivable to add 41 Floors to make 100 Stories?

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That is an immense amount of weight, an additional 70% of weight to the current building massing) for the foundations to bear. they may be sufficient to support some type of small renovation/ addition, but not anywhere near that. The structure would have to be reinforced or changed all together. So I’d say that’s very inconceivable.

Thanks for the quick reply

Thank God that this never happened.


funny enough they were going to call that one 175 Park.


Technically, that address would’ve been more appropriate and even correct for a building built in that location, the “current” 175 Park Avenue address is only being used to get the Park Avenue name, the tower’s main entrance isn’t on the viaduct, just like the Hyatt doesn’t use the viaduct as it’s address.


they just gotta tear this behemoth down. It’s ran its course. It’s made it’s history. It’s time for a supertall of over 100 stories to take its place. It’s a prime spot. I’ll check back in 158 bears


Throwback to the end times, just before this thing went up. There was a really short window where the Union Carbide Tower overlapped with the old north wing of Grand Central that MetLife replaced


I hope Met Life stays there forever, always loved its massing and even the finishes - it is prime Gropius and also one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.