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I like the suggestion…

the red of the MSG
the blue connection between MSG and Penn? or the theater??
and behind it Site 2B.

This is just the first sketch of my proposal to move the MSG to build a new Penn Station. The blue lines would be the underpass leading to the entrance of the MSG.

The sketch reflects only an extremely rough drauf view over the terrain. Whereas, the underpass leading from Penn to MSG runs underneath the street (W. 31 Street). I just don’t know how big the Hulu theater is so I drew it as an extra building. The w. 30th Street would take a turn and cross between 7th and 8th Ave. into 29th.

Or would I generally have to give MSG 5 another place in NY? and how likely would it really be that MSG 4 moves.

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thanks for all you do @Mackensen!


I’m not sure several factors of this plan would work with how the proposed sites are zoned and how the street level interacts with Penn Station.

An underpass below 31st St would probably conflict with the Penn South Extension, which is why there are also no such underpasses in the city and they are all raised (Park Ave viaduct, etc) but for those tunnels that eventually open to street level.

As mentioned before, the there would have to be a rezoning of the area and of Site 2 to address the difference in use of land and the redistribution of zoning to those areas not currently zoned. Site 2 alone would have to be rezoned significantly.

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My rendering of @Mackensen’s Sky High Towers on the PABT West site, also taking some design cues from @TK2000’s sketches:

Photograph by Alan Turkus on Flickr


That looks great!!! :smiley:

This may be far fetched but if possible, can you render Merdeka 118 on top of the MetLife Building?

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Thank you for this Wonderful rendering @ThreeWentDown finally, times a Megatall in New York visibly.

Now as for MetLife Building (200 Park Ave.) I could see my other concept on that property. It would be with 2300 feet still a little higher than Sky High but, I think I must still change because name “Papership”.
Strange name but it fits the design of the tower.

My lowest megatall would be the Black Tower a residential tower on 57th Street at 2000 feet.

@TKDV what does a project similar to Sky High Tower need to get all the permits in New York? or would the project be too big. I don’t mean theoretically but practically so that it can be built. What kind of structure would this megatall have if it were to be built in New York?


That information is actually not possible to determine with the only factor given being the height, since you can’t work backwards or off of only the height as the known factor. How many floors is it? How much sqft is it? What is the use of the project?

You also have to take into consideration that because you’ve chosen a site on the PABT project, the state will become involved as well as you are intending to build it over the Lincoln tunnel entrance, and that requires a number of other entities to become involved. But the block youve chosen to build them on also cannot be altered from the current zoning that the planned tower massings for the PABT towers are confined to because of said tunnel entrance. Sites 3 and 4 are shaped as they are for that reason.


For Sky High Tower Complex I had originally drawn for 175 Park Ave. Mixed use would certainly be best for such a large project (hotel, office and possibly residential). As for floors, I think around 120 if it’s not too few. All my concepts can be modeled anywhere in New York, of course, where it makes the most sense.

River Side Plaza
Sky High Towers

I still have to work over the drawing for the possible MetLife. But the only thing I can already say about it is that it has an outdoor swimming pool at 2000 feet (if it is possible).

What I have heard about building a megatall is that the concrete core can only be built to 2000 feet. Otherwise, stronger concrete pumps are needed to pump the concrete above 2000 feet.

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Would a project similar to 5WTC with affordable housing at around 980 feet also be possible on Site K of the Western Yards?

A Google street view walk around Site K (418 11th Ave.) I had a few thoughts about. Only I don’t know what details are in the new RFP.

Today I had time to do a quick drawing for the 2400 feet high 200 Park Ave. Project.

Drawing 1 is the view from the north looking south and drawing 2 is from the east (Queens). So and now you would just have to imagine 175 Park Ave. next to it and 270 and 350 Park Ave. north of it.

Is this likely for a casino project at Hudson Yards Phase Two?


This would’ve been one gigantic skyscraper :slight_smile:

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What actually has to happen that the current MSG 4 is relocated?

On the one hand it would allow to build a new Penn Station and on the other hand a new MSG. Around Grand Central Terminal, new skyscrapers have been built and more will be added. I could imagine that if the current MSG is relocated then new projects could also start in this area.

This is a very good proposal a new stage with a high rise integrated, I can imagine something like this with a MSG and an office and hotel tower.
Then it would also be possible to build an MSG 5 near the future PABT.


What exactly is that black box on Site K? Is it some kind of ventilation tower for the Lincoln Tunnel.

Google maps

If the tunnels are really under the road surface, then it will be more difficult to lay the foundation for a high building. Would it be possible to demolish the tower and divert the exhaust gases above the future lobby of the new building?


Yes, it is some sort of MTA tower for ventilation IIRC

I’d say it would be similar to the situation such as 270 Park and/or Hudson Yards


It’s a ventilation shaft for the 7 train.


The Lincoln Tunnel entrance runs north of this site on the PABT site, they are unrelated. As ALC stated, it is 1 of 2 ventilation structures for the 7 Train. The 2nd and larger of the structures was integrated into the podium of 55 Hudson Yards. They dont need to be demolished and moved to be built around/integrated into a new project.

The whole site is littered with MTA and Amtrak easements, which is why Affirmation Towers proposal was shaped the way it was. But proposals dont need to be shaped in that manner to take advantage of the full site.


I seem to have confused the tracks to Penn Station with the Lincoln Tunnel.

What is actually on the site from MTA and Amtrak besides this ventilation tower? What is that actually still for a disused track? I see it only in the Google.

Does anyone have pictures of the ventilation area at 55 Hudson Yards?

What is that side street in this Google image?

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A compartment only a ?, more I can say about this old possible project. I will post it here and not in another topic.


something else about HY Phase Two:

It would not be an issue today if César Pelli’s proposed MSG from 1986 had been built here.

Phase one was not drawn in the plan at that time, but next to the MSG a few smaller buildings (placeholders) were drawn in.