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Lightstone Plans 50-Story Condo/Hotel for 130 William Street, Financial District

By Stephen Smith on March 24th, 2015 at 1:30 PM

130 William Street (Fulton Street side), image from Google Maps

Six months ago, the Lightstone Group (of Gowanus megaproject fame) sold their site at 112-118 Fulton Street in the Financial District for $171 million, to San Francisco-based Carmel Partners.

But that doesn’t mean the developer is out of downtown. Instead, they’ve merely shifted their ambitions one block eastward, to an assemblage on (or, more precisely, around) the southeastern corner of Fulton and William streets.

There, at 130 William Street, the development firm is planning to erect a 50-story hotel and condo tower, according to plans filed with the Department of Buildings this afternoon, submitted by Goldstein, Hill & West Architects.

An earlier rendering for 92 Fulton Street, part of the assemblage

The skyscraper would reach 581 feet into the air, according to the filing, and include 188 apartments – likely condos – perched above an unspecified number of hotel rooms. The first and second floors would house retail, with the third through fifth floors set aside for residential and hotel amenity spaces. The hotel rooms would start on the sixth floor and reach through to the 17th, after which a mechanical floor would buffer the short-stay rooms from the permanent apartments.

Starting on the 19th floor, we find the apartments, with six units on each level up through the 49th floor (with the 34th floor set aside for residential amenities). There would then be one final apartment on the penthouse level, taking up the whole 50th floor. In total, the 188 apartments would be spread over 236,000 square feet of residential space, for an average unit size of over 1,250 square feet, strongly hinting at condos.

The hotel and retail space, meanwhile, would total 101,000 square feet.

The assemblage sits around, but not on, the corner of Fulton and William streets, stretching from 130 William Street south of Fulton (which Lightstone acquired earlier this year for $60 million) around to Gold Street and Fulton, but does not include 138 William Street, at the corner with Fulton.

Fisher Brothers owns 92 Fulton Street in the middle of the assemblage, having bought the site last June for $10 million. This could mean that they’re a partner in the development, or that they merely intend to sell the site to Lightstone.


92 Fulton has been an empty lot for a while. 90 Fulton was just demolished recently. Lightstone owns both, plus 94 Fulton. A new sign implies that 94 Fulton will be coming down any day now. So that means three lots on Fulton will be combined with the one on William. That’s 70’ of frontage on Fulton, plus 74’ on William. Quite a bit!

You can see 130 William St in the background of this photo. Since the lots are connected, they seem to be removing much of the debris from 130 William via the Fulton St lots.


To clarify: 94 Fulton is the red brick building on the right, and 130 William is the one wrapped in scaffolding and black netting.


Nice! Have you seen any renderings, Bromeister?

Unfortunately, no.

Never heard or seen this project before now. Crazy how many huge towers are going up that even we miss some. Hopefully the design will be nice for this. Great update rbrome!

Permits Filed: 92 Fulton Street


92 Fulton Street traded hands for $10 million earlier this week, and Fisher

Brothers’ latest acquisition already has a set of new permits; a recent proposal included the parcel in the assemblage for a larger tower, but evidently those plans are now defunct. Curtis + Ginsberg is listed as the architect of record.

The new filings indicate 92 Fulton Street will stand 16 floors and 147 feet to its pinnacle. Besides the 650 square feet of ground-floor retail, the building will have 17,870 square feet of residential space, split between ten units. Condominiums would seem likely, though ceiling heights will apparently be low.

Old rendering of 92 Fulton, via DBRDS

Plans for a smaller 92 Fulton Street are somewhat surprising considering the potential for a larger assemblage, though the ’boutique’ market in the Financial District is certainly thriving. Curtis + Ginsberg’s work is typically simple and brick, which would be quite the departure from conceptual schemes for the site. The project’s location would be a hard sell for anything cutting-edge, though another firm could be the design architect.

Despite the neighborhood’s current disadvantages, the opening of both the Calatrava Hub and Fulton Center will dramatically improve surrounds, as transit is about to become much more accessible. Given its proximity to eleven different subway lines, the submitted scope for 92 Fulton Street — which would have an FAR of 8.2 — is incredibly low, and zoning prohibits density that would fully realize the site’s potential.

Nearby, 112-118 Fulton Street is also about to rise; that site traded hands this week, with Carmel Partners set to buy from The Lightstone Group for over $170 million. The corridor is booming, and demand for new residential is clearly there, which is why restrictions on residential development in the Financial District do not make sense.

No completion date has been announced, but the site is almost ready for construction; pending DOB approval, a 2016 estimate would be reasonable.

This is part of the 130 Williams St project now.

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I was looking at that site yesterday. I think the developer was/is trying to get the brick building next door.

It looks like they did. According to city records, Lightstone now owns 90, 92, and 94 Fulton.

94 Fulton is the one with the yellow “B” sign on it. That should be demolished soon.


This will be a big site!

Can we merge this thread with the 130 williams street thread?

Merged them. Yeah by the way that it looks, 92 Fulton is part of the assemblage.


Great update, Brome.

I hope that the ODA tower at 75 Nassau is built.

Thanks. I think it’s interesting how they seem to be taking advantage of the L-shaped lot to remove much of the demolition debris through via the empty lots and Fulton St (which is wider than Willam St.)

Same here, re 75 Nassau. Anything right next to Fulton Center is a fantastic place for that kind of density, and the shops being replaced were junk. (Even if I did eat at that diner on occasion.) I like the design of the new tower, as well.

I wonder if a financing issue is delaying 75 Nassau.

130 williams under demo. Didnt get a shot from the other side yesterday.


Pretty much the same since last update. Fulton st really us a huge potential to become really developed and so does entire lower Manhattan. There are a bunch of small crappy buildings where huge potential awaits.