NEW YORK | 8-12 Maiden Lane | 246 FT | 24 FLOORS

Revealed: 8-12 Maiden Lane, New 24-Story Hotel


8-12 Maiden Lane, rendering by Kaufman

YIMBY has the reveal for a new hotel coming to the Financial District, which will be located at 8-12 Maiden Lane. Branding on the images indicates the project will be occupied by a Hotel Indigo, and in 2012, the Commercial Observer reported that the site was acquired for $7.1 million by “local Chinese buyers.”

Permits list the developer as Thomas Wang, of WL Group Construction, which is based in Flushing. Kaufman is the architect of record, and the 75,467 square foot project will be split between 192 rooms. Ceiling heights will be relatively generous compared to average new hotels, with the 24-story building rising 246 feet.

The Financial District appears to have dodged a bullet in terms of design, as hotel development is prone to severe value-engineering, yet the renderings for 8-12 Maiden Lane are actually somewhat appealing. Whether the final product resembles what’s depicted remains to be seen, but the structure’s base actually respects the street-wall.

Above the masonry-clad lower levels, the actual tower rises. Unfortunately, the facade for this portion will be less attractive, but given the location, it will be invisible on the overall skyline, and the dynamic between the base and the street is what really matters. And luckily, in this regard, 8-12 Maiden Lane appears to be pedestrian-friendly.

New building permits were approved this past April, and construction is likely to wrap-up in the 2016 timeframe.


This property has languished, partially-demolished, for quite some time.

Finally, fresh demo. permits were just posted. (Renewals of 2013 permits, it seems.)

I wonder if it’s still going to be a hotel. I don’t see any new building permits yet.


We just moved in to the 10th floor of 6 Maiden Lane. Will be hoping the hotel doesn’t go up and block all of our light!

The permits you posted pics of are just for demolition…doesn’t say anything yet about construction. Thanks for posting them!

I hate to break it to you, but someone seems intent on building something there in the coming years, and I doubt it will be shorter than 24 floors.

Many projects in this neighborhood move slowly, though. I can think of at least a dozen stalled or slow projects, compared to only a couple of fast-moving ones. So if you rent, you’ll probably have plenty of time to explore options before your light is actually blocked.

I feel your pain, as two announced projects will almost completely block our views. But we just renewed for a year, as I don’t expect any significant impact in that time.

Such is life in New York City. Onward and upward. Always.

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No construction progress, but at some point they finally finished demolition.