NEW YORK | 777 Eighth Avenue | 23 Fl | 209 Ft

I’ve wanted to see this redevelopment for a very long time. Unfortunately, it will be a McSam. I hope that the design is a simple glass box and nothing too insane.


I was literally about to post this lol

I feel it’s going to be like the mcsam/kaufman at 223 West 46th.

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I wonder if McSam owns the corner building too

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Sadly, with McSam-Gene Kaufman, just getting a plain boring glass box (that is flushed with the streetwall) is already a win.


It’s unfortunate that the heinous Duane Reade on the corner won’t come down also.

In any event, GK is redeeming himself lately, so I’m hopeful that something decent will rise here.