NEW YORK | 74 Trinity Place | 424 FT | 26 FLOORS

No, but they made a lot of progress.

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July 8th

The pigs in this Church clearly do not heed the following words of Jesus: “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s…”


July 21st


Pelli designs really nice midrise buildings, such as McKinney & Olive in Dallas and Frost Bank in SA. I hope that the schmucks at Trinity don’t commission a POS.

Aug 16th


Historic Trinity Church Wall Street Unveils Plans for New Tower Space

Plans call for a new tower at 74 Trinity Place to house parish center, commercial office space

Oct. 23, 2016 7:34 p.m. ET

Trinity Church Wall Street officials unveiled the designs over the weekend for the estimated $300 million project, capping almost two years of discussions and outreach for ideas that involved church members and the broader downtown Manhattan community. The plans call for a new tower with a facade of glass and bronze-colored aluminum and 26 floors that can be occupied rising at 74 Trinity Pl.

“The design itself is like the process we used to design it,” said the Rev. Dr. William Lupfer, Rector of Trinity Church, referring to the new building. “We wanted people to see in and feel the vitality and welcome.”

Designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Inc., the tower is intended to complement the brownstone Gothic Revival church—the parish’s charter dates to 1697—and provide modern and efficient spaces for the congregation as well as the changing local community, said Fred Clarke, a senior design principal with Pelli Clarke Pelli.

Families and young people have moved into the area that was once strictly an office district. That became evident with the community emphasizing the need for spaces focused on youth and youth education programs, Mr. Clarke said.

“Youth education 10 years ago probably would not have been a big factor,” Mr. Clarke said.

The 310,000-square-foot tower will have spaces that include a cafe, a large multifunctional parish hall, gymnasium, church offices and flexible spaces that can be used for classrooms or art and music studios. The tower replaces a 1920s building that has been razed, but it will incorporate some pieces salvaged from the older building such as terra-cotta detailing and stained-glass windows.

The Trinity Church Parish Center will form the base of the building. The center will have two lobbies. One on Greenwich Street will have a large community space, where informal events, art exhibits or lectures could take place.

The lobby for the building opens onto Trinity Place and will house a security desk and cafe. A mezzanine suspended above the Trinity Place lobby will hold programs and activities for young children and toddlers.

Visitors and passersby will have sight lines straight through from Trinity Place to Greenwich Street and vice versa, Mr. Clarke said.

“There is a visual permeability and a physical permeability that makes for dramatic architecture,” Mr. Clarke said.

On the second level, a bridge over Trinity Place is planned that will link the church to a new parish hall—a space that can seat 300 people in a formal dining configuration.

A previous plan had called for luxury condominiums to be included in the tower, but the church decided to go with commercial office space on floors 10 through 26 above the parish center.

Leasing would allow the church to continue to shape the area and advocate for the community in the future, Dr. Lupfer said. Selling condos wouldn’t have allowed the church to do that.

The office space could house a mix of nonprofit and for-profit organizations, but all tenants will share the church’s core values, Dr. Lupfer said.

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Honestly, I wanted something big here. I cant recall the initial height, but I know it wasn’t 500ft, 500ft is too small for this neighborhood!!

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I fhink it’s ok. It’s not great or bad.

I think I still prefer the Cook + Fox proposal that lost out to Pelli Clarke Pelli, but this is a vast improvement over the original Pelli design.





Nov 18




Great update!

I thought this one would never start.

Thx, JC.

I was surprised to see it proceeding .

Nice update Robert!

Great to see, thanks Robert!


Looking forward to this one!.. Great pic!

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Nice one, 5b