NEW YORK | 57th Street Corridor "Billionaires Row"


41 West 57th Street is the only new tower likely to go up soon here. Has the street slowed down?

The only other possible proposals I think are Central Park Hotel (possible megatall site) and 1 Park Lane…

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The FAR zoning regulations were brilliant: despite the large number of skyscrapers built on a small island, the amount of sunlight, and air circulation that reaches the street level is quite good.

In addition that there is what I believe is the ‘unintended’ consequence of tall architectural masterpieces getting the much needed surrounding space to stand-out and be showcased on the skyline.

We were once governed by wise men, with great foresight and wisdom; now - not so much… :confounded:

When you add those three new skyscrapers on Billionaires Row, you get an entirely new city when excluding NYC but Billionaires Row. :smiley:

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I’m surprised that Vornado and “Le Freak” haven’t done anything yet with 31 W 57th. Maybe they can’t agree. After Vornnado’s runaway success with 220 CPS, you’d think that they’d want to replicate that in this location which is much nicer than 220.

It’s unclear if “So Low” will build his proposal across from 9 W 57th or if he’ll sell to a real, competent developer.

Further down the road, something utterly tremendous will rise on the corner of 57TH and 6th. It’s a sad, market rate rental with an enormous empty lot next door.

The empty lot is a real eyesore.


Just before and after sunset tonight from roof of our apartment building.


great view. Keep us up to date on the lighting testing at 111w57th


Where has the crown lights been on CPT?

I’m amazed that the crap Hemisphere House and the huge empty lot has not been redeveloped yet. Then again, I believe it’s owned by the same group that owned the Mayflower which sat dormant for years before 15 CPW was developed on the site.

^Maybe they’re looking for air rights? Or waiting for a market change? Or maybe they’re lobbying for a rezoning?

They don’t need any air rights. They can build a gigantic condo/hotel there. Also, the market has been booming.

JaJa. Just throwing ideas out. Idk why they do what they do

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From the 41 West 57th thread
57th Street is just getting started. I’m very optimistic that eventually a megatall will rise here.


If you know anything about NYC development and 57th street you would know a megatall there is impossible. The puny sites that the 57th street corridor affords would never facilitate construction of a megatall. Central Park Tower is probably as big as it gets for 57th street.

A megatall is possible in NYC, but only with the wholesale demolition of a large block like might happen around Penn Station or the PABT.


Within current zoning and regulations? Yes probably impossible.
Within physics? No, not really

But anyway it doesn’t have to be a megatall. 57th street will continue to get larger via just more towers in general. And will look bigger via towers bridging the gap between 57th other clusters.
Ex. 350 (and tower fifth) bridging to midtown east

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is tower fifth still happening? I thought they couldn’t buy the Venezuela building?

This is from Crawdad :
Macklowe is an extremely successful builder. I see no reason why this tower won’t be built. The office space would have top-of-market rents and the observation deck would print money. Hopefully this will get moving shortly.

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Most likely not. Thank you, Jesus!