NEW YORK | 56 Leonard St | 821 FT | 57 FLOORS

completely agree!

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The criticisms of this building surprise me. This is one of the best buildings constructed in the city in recent times. I like the concave floor slab edges; they add some shadowing and texture at various times of day; they add some subtlety to a stunning design. And the window comments should also take into account the benefits to occupants they provide. But even with such critiques this one is a gem. I work nearby. Every day I see people stopping and gawking at the place with “wow” looks on their faces. Even if they aren’t architecture buffs like many on this forum they catch the greatness of this design. PS: I suspect the bean will be uncovered before cold weather sets in.


No way! I personally think they add on to the jagged affect. I get the criticism, but to me it seems thematic. I did notice that the floor slabs do still show off the raw concrete, but it doesn’t look so bad. If you’re shooting the skyline from NJ you will barely tell that concrete is on the exterior

How does it look from the moon? :earth_americas:

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Like an atom! Microscopic

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stache, you crack me up!

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I’m here all week!

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I am nitpicking that detail; but I do see these concave floor plates as being a bit sloppy looking. They are so subtly they are barley visible to the casual observer - fortunately. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a look at another stacked box building, an ODA building, and what I wish was the final finish on those floor plates. A clean, flawless, neat finished look; that could have been done at a fraction of the time/expense. This is a minor critique - and a personal preference - whereas this building is otherwise fantastic looking.

The complex forms of the stacked boxes are more that enough visual delight; those subtle concave curves are just “gilding the lilly” - as the saying goes…

There are plenty of folks with a similar opinion to this one here from another forum member -

Progress is being made on the bean’s final task—polishing and seam hiding. Here’s an image of a part of the bean showing how the seams and dents previously visible are disappearing.