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Zaha Hadid’s Swooping Spaceship For The High Line, Unveiled!

Monday, July 15, 2013, by Hana R. Alberts

[Courtesy of Related Companies and Zaha Hadid Architects. Click for big!]

Zaha Hadid may have lost out on the competition to design the High Line, but now the Iraqi-British starchitect is back in the 'hood with a design for her very first New York City building. In fact, this time around, she beat out big names including Norman Foster?to whom she lost a competition to build an office tower at 425 Park Avenue?to get the gig. Hadid is known for dreaming up swooping, curving, space-age structures, and the 11-story condo building headed for 520 West 28th Street is no exception. (UPDATE: More renderings have been unveiled! Right this way.) Developed by Hudson Yards masterminds Related Companies, the site was actually quite limiting, according to New York Magazine’s preview, which kept Hadid’s grand swooshes in check. “You can’t really go wild,” she told NY Mag. Yet writer Carl Swanson observes that it still “comes off like the delightful Earth home for the weary intergalactic superrich,” with two wings of uneven heights, a chevron pattern on the exterior, rounded corners, and jutting-out terraces that make the facade excitingly far from uniform.

Within the 11 stories, Related says in a release issued this morning, will be “37 residences of up to 5,500 square feet, focusing on expansive, gracious layouts with 11-foot ceilings, thoughtful technological integration and state-of-the-art finishes and features. Designed with multiple elevator cores, a majority of the residences will have a private vestibule and entrance that adds to the intimacy of the building.” There will also be a double-height entrance lobby, communal spaces, and outdoor garden. Other amenities include a substantial roof terrace, indoor pool and spa, entertainment space, and playrooms. Lest we reveal the depths of our excitement… it’s completely justified. Check out even more renderings of the curvaceous beauty, including especially awesome views of the terrace.

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September 18 2014


NOVEMBER 14, 2014


Construction Update: 520 West 28th Street


520 and 530 West 28th Street, photo by ILNY

While real estate along the High Line has seemed to be in a perpetual boom, construction adjacent to New York City’s first elevated park is now more active than ever, especially along its northern end. Its southern reaches have seen a smattering of development over the past decade, both residential and commercial, and the current condo-heavy spate of activity should not be surprising given extreme and unmet residential demand across Manhattan.

Just before its third section begins at 30th Street, several blocks — all in a row — are currently subject to concrete pouring or ongoing excavation. Today’s photos from reader ILNY depict two adjacent projects within the greater herd, at 520 West 28th Street and 530 West 28th Street.

Zaha Hadid’s 520 West 28th Street, image by Visualhouse

520 West 28th Street may be better known as Zaha Hadid’s first contribution to New York’s architectural vernacular, and Related is the developer. The project is perhaps the most famous of the bunch currently rising along the High Line, and for good reason; its futuristic curves recall a bygone era, pre-2008, when fantastical visions of starchitecture dominated new development along the park. The best examples are Nouvel’s “Vision Machine” at 100 Eleventh Avenue, and Gehry’s IAC Building, at 550 West 18th Street.

These kinds of projects fell by the wayside with the Great Recession, and a more conservative aesthetic briefly reigned supreme, shunning the extreme forms of Nouvel and Gehry for more contextual but equally elegant designs by Cary Tamarkin, Thomas Juul-Hansen, and Norman Foster. Work is now wrapping up on each of those projects — at 508 West 24th Street, 505 West 19th Street, and 551 West 21st Street, respectively — and yielding to another wave of futuristic architecture, this time led by Zaha Hadid.

520 West 28th Street, photo by ILNY

Progress on 520 West 28th Street has been swift, and foundation work appears to be wrapping up.

Per The Real Deal, prices start at $4.6 million, and reach $35 million for a 6,391 square-foot penthouse that also includes a terrace of over 2,000 square feet, and an additional 334 square feet of private balconies. 520 West 28th Street is expected to open in 2016.


This is such a beauty! What an amazing addition to the Highline this will be.

A Zaha Hadid Design at the High Line


This is amazing, but I want the 1,400’ Zaha at 666 5th!



March 16th


You know a lot of people critisize Zaha’s work but most of the time I find it amazing. This is the design of what a modern building should be.


I agree, Robert.

I look forward to her 1,400’ tower at 666 Fifth Ave.


^^ Yes!! A Zaha supertall would be insane.

Yesterday, March 23



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That’s a shame.

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I just read, was about to post. Heartbroken, she was one of the greats. What a journey, life has robbed us of many more brilliant designs, but she will live on through her creations. RIP ZAHA :persevere: :cry: :disappointed:

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Sad news.

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From the April 2nd FT:

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I had the opportunity to visit the construction site a few weeks ago.
I filmed a 360-degree video.
If you want to see it, this is the link

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Took a few pictures whilst on the high line. Cladding is moving along smoothly.




Wow, this building is becoming a very nice one! And with the Hudson Yards as well!