NEW YORK | 520 Park Ave | 780 FT | 52 FLOORS

I think it’s mostly brick above the base. It’s a beautiful building , but those eyesores next door detract from it.

They’re owned by the same LLC. When they’re redeveliped, they likely will detract from 520 Park’s views.

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I can’t wait for the junk to the west to be redeveloped.

March 9th

this tower is climbing rather slowly for a super-slim.

It should take off soon.

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April 13th


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I can’t wait for those little heaps to the west to be redeveloped. They really detract from this street.


Gorgeous, but those 4 s.h.i.t. buildings next door must come down.

Agreed, this building needs its space, its a star! Give this diva some space

Actually, one entity owns the four adjacent tenements. Therefore, a tower, as tall, or taller, will rise right next door!

This may be Stern’s most ornate facade!


This tower will be stunning, but these eyesores can’t come down soon enough.

May 10th




Welcome ILNY! It’s good to see you have come over :smiley:

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I write you “Welcome” as well, ILNY!
And great shots you posted! :smiley:

Cheers ILNY!!

Limestone looking fabulous.

I was there today myself and was going to post my photos later. I think that this will be Stern’s best tower – way better than 220 CPS.

Those little tenements next door must come down ASAP though.

beautiful façade.