NEW YORK | 5 WTC (130 Liberty St) | 920 FT | FLOORS

Makes sense. Still a shame it couldn’t have been figured out in some way shape or form but hey, I’m no engineer so who am I to say?

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Any idea when we might see some movement on this?

Early next year, as far as the public is aware, but delays have become a tradition, so don’t hold your breath. Hopefully Earthcam will get tilted down and show the progress over the remainder of this decade.


In VisualHouse’s Instagram story, 5 World Trade Center can be seen in this CGI of the complex, perhaps as a tease.

In late 2021 we’ve uncovered some leaked 2WTC renders they’ve done, and in the past, they were creating CGI tours of 3WTC’s office spaces for Silverstein, so perhaps they’re in for some renders now.


I updated the shape of the tower (with help from @TKDV ) and added more details


The B1M just made a great video regarding 5WTC

Who Should Live on New York’s Ground Zero?


Here are some “before” shots I took for posterity:


I can’t wait until we see foundations being poured. It’s weird having no active construction sites on the site rn. No daily progress on the cams to watch


Pardon me if I missed, but the renders (specifically the non-evening one) were around in a blurry resolution. Found these versions with decent details.


Is it still expected that construction of this starts in 2025?

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The 2nd rendering is accurate enough to show 1WTC’s intermittent lights on its base :upside_down_face: The real question is; will 5WTC get built before 2WTC?? :thinking:


I just noticed that 4wtc appears twice in the daytime render (a clone stands where that small hotel with a similar massing stands) :disguised_face:


Which “2” is likely to happen before we die? 2WTC or the full 2nd Ave Subway? When you look at things that approach time in terms of the heat death of the universe, I’m sure 5WTC will finish first.

Also I forgot this existed the other day and will argue that Foster’s 350 Park will actually fit in nicer on this campus because this building has curves as well.

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“Heat death of the universe”… :skull_and_crossbones:

As much as I’m excited to see 5WTC built up, I feel it’s WAY overdue that 2WTC see some TLC and get going (as Larry isn’t getting any younger)! :grimacing:

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Davis Brody Bond has recently uploaded the full design submission book for their design that Ral Development Services wanted to develop, which came 2nd in the design competition.
Shows it in great detail.


Great find!

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pheww, glad it wasn’t selected :+1:

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It makes sense just as the current proposal, if it weren’t for clueless lobbyists.

Great find, indeed!! While I’m glad we got the current design, the submission mentions (more or less) how it was meant to be a nod to the surrounding buildings with that stepped design (which I feel would’ve been interesting at street level to have seen). I’m unsure however, if it was intentional or not that the top (from afar) kinda reminds me of the original towers :thinking:

Its looks as if the tallest section of the tower, highlighted in red, has been moved back more to the south based on the new model at the World Trade Center and @ThreeWentDown 's comment. Presumably to give respect to the original site, and to give future residents a more wide view of the site