NEW YORK | 419-425 Broadway | FT | FLOORS

I have always hated this heinous corner of junk!

I’m pleased to see this redeveloped.


Oct 25

This junk can’t come down fast enough!

This is great news! UAL bought an adjecent parcel!!

This heinous garbage can’t come down soon enough!!


Was this hovel built on top of an active subway station? That type of arrangement is a prototypical developer repellant.

I drove by this yesterday. Glad it’ll be developed. Canal Street in general needs to be developed. I don’t want it to lose the character of course, but some of those decaying structures need to be renovated.

I think that most of Canal’s structures are beautiful. This eyesore was the exception .

True. I’d prefer renovations or at least conversions to the point where it will keep the facade and uniqueness of the structures. Canal Street is a treasure. The whole area really.


I agree, Chris. This pos must go though!

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Great news!