NEW YORK | 3593-3599 Broadway (600 W 148th) | 119 FT | 12 FLOORS

3595 Broadway (at 148th Street)

What is happening?

Columbia University is constructing a new 12-story building containing affordable housing apartments on the southwest corner of Broadway and 148th Street. The Meeting with God Church, currently located at 3581 Broadway at 147th Street, will be moving into the basement, ground level, and second floor space of this new building. The remaining areas of the new building will include affordable housing units for some residents currently living in the area of Manhattanville in West Harlem where the University is building a new campus.

Are there any other changes planned for the rest of the block on the west side of Broadway between 147th Street and 148th Street?

The 99 Cent store will remain as their lease indicates. The former Dominos Pizza store will be utilized as a staging area and field office to decrease construction/parking impacts on the street and in the neighborhood. A tenant for the space vacated by the Meeting with God Church has not yet been determined.

When is it happening?

The project is currently in the excavation/foundation phase. The building is expected to be completed in 2015.

Why is Columbia constructing a new residential building?

This project is part of Columbia’s commitment to equal or better affordable housing for some residents currently living in the area of Manhattanville in West Harlem where the University is building a new campus.

Who is designing the building?

The building is being designed by Magnusson Architecture and Planning. Magnusson is an award winning, New York City-based firm with a strong reputation of creating sustainable communities through well designed and high-performance architecture. Find out more about the firm at Construction work is being performed by Hunter Roberts Construction Group.

What are some of the environmentally sustainable elements of the project?

The project has been designed based on the principles of Enterprise Green Communities, the first national green building program developed for affordable housing. The program focuses on the use of environmentally sustainable materials, reduction of negative environmental impacts and increased energy efficiency, and emphasizes designs and materials that safeguard the health of residents and locations that provide easy access to services and public transportation.


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July 24 2014


11 5 2014

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