NEW YORK | 333 Schermerhorn St (The Hub) | 607 FT | 44 FLOORS

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Construction Update: 333 Schermerhorn Street


333 Schermerhorn Street – photo by Colin Miller

Excavation is in full swing at 333 Schermerhorn Street – aka ‘The Hub’ – which will soon become one of the tallest buildings in Brooklyn. Douglas Steiner of Steiner Studios is the site’s developer, while Dattner is the architect.

Building permits were partially approved in March, though the most recent filings come with some changes for the tower, as its floor count has shrunk from 53 to 44. The previously rejected plan exam listed 754 units, and while that number has decreased to 581, the planed height has actually seen a small bump, to 577 feet.

While the overall size decrease is somewhat surprising, the building’s impact will still be significant, as its residential space will total nearly 500,000 square feet; a 35,000 square foot retail component will also span the first three levels.

333 Schermerhorn Street — photo by Colin Miller

Renderings of the tower have been relatively lacking, though new images appear to have been posted on-site, and the building’s rooftop has seen a major change. Instead of a pronounced and distinctive crown, the metalwork has been simplified into a basic cube, in what would appear to be an effort to value-engineer the project.

While the old version of The Hub would have complemented the Williamsburg Savings Bank Tower, the new design will come close to overwhelming it, and is definitely a step towards the more typical large developments rising in Downtown Brooklyn. Still, 333 Schermerhorn’s overall appearance will be relatively iconic for the burgeoning neighborhood, where the construction boom is just beginning.

333 Schermerhorn Street — photo by Colin Miller

Completion of 333 Schermerhorn Street is expected in 2017.

Growth Spurt: Brooklyn’s Tallest Tower at 333 Schermerhorn Will Soar Even Higher Than Expected

POSTED ON WED, JUNE 11, 2014 8:00

Model of The Hub building site (Courtesy Dattner Architects)

Construction filings from the Department of Buildings have revealed that Douglas Steiner’s mixed use tower at 333 Schermerhorn Street, dubbed the Hub, will soar 30 feet higher than previously reported; making it the top contender for Brooklyn’s tallest building at 607-feet.

For more than 80 years, the title of Brooklyn’s tallest belonged to the 512-foot Williamsburg Savings Bank tower at 1 Hanson Place. With its beloved 4-sided clock tower and its majestic banking hall, the tower has stood in relative isolation since its construction in 1929. Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards centerpiece building nicknamed “Miss Brooklyn,” was the first to challenge the tower’s dominance and was slated to soar more than 100-feet above the bank building’s dome. The proposal incited uproar from Brooklynites, leading to its eventual downsizing in 2006 to 511-feet, just one foot shorter than the neighboring bank building.

The bank tower lost its tallest title in 2010 to a 515-foot rental tower called the Brooklyner. The project received little outcry, aside from its appearance, and its size was a result of a 2004 comprehensive zoning of Downtown Brooklyn to inject new commercial and residential life into the district. With dozens of underutilized sites in the area, the race towards the sky ignited.

388 Bridge Street is Brooklyn’s current title holder, topping off at 53 stories with rentals already up for grabs (50% of which are already leased). Next door, the Avalon Willoughby West is wrapping up its foundation work and is preparing to march 596 feet skyward rounding out at 57 stories.

Steiner’s tower is one block away from the old bank tower and its revised height of 607-feet is set to clench the title of Brooklyn’s loftiest tower. A crown of open-air screens and a set of spires, as seen in renderings, may bring that figure even higher.

When complete in 2016, The Hub will have 740 rental apartments, 20% of which will be affordable. Amenities will include a fitness center, a yoga studio, a dog run, and a landscaped outdoor terrace.

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Construction Update: The Hub, at 333 Schermerhorn Street


The Hub, 333 Schermerhorn Street, photo by Tectonic

Brooklyn’s first true wave of skyscraper development is now kicking into high gear, and progress is evident across the borough’s downtown. Towers are rising at CityPoint, the Avalon Willoughby is quickly ascending towards its 600-foot pinnacle, and closer to Barclays Center, 333 Schermerhorn is now peering above ground level (with the latest photos coming from YIMBY reader Tectonic).

Douglas Steiner of Steiner Studios is developing the 581-unit tower, which will stand 577 feet tall. Dattner is the project’s architect, and unlike most of the towers rising in the current boom — at least among those revealed so far – “The Hub” will have an ornamental rooftop crown. At its base, it will also have a 35,615-square foot commercial space.

The Hub, 333 Schermerhorn Street, photo by Tectonic

Legitimate crowns atop new residential development in New York City are typically minimal or non-existent, and Dattner’s embellishment will make the building at least somewhat recognizable, though its scale has shrunk through the design process. The rooftop element has also been reduced from a series of pointy spoke-like elements to a simpler rectangle.

333 Schermerhorn Street — photo by Colin Miller

Most importantly, another block of Downtown Brooklyn will receive a significant dose of density and infill, as the area surrounding Barclays Center continues to experience a renaissance. Though the adjacent B2 tower may have become the most notable stalled project of the current construction boom, The Hub and other projects at 33 Bond Street and 250 Ashland Place are all about to begin rising, creating another dense apex on the DoBro skyline.

Per on-site signage, completion is expected in 2017.

Eagle photo by Lore Croghan

Great updates, Chris.

a highres rendering from the Post in December. What a shame that they’re building a birdcage like crown instead of the spired one depicted in earlier visualizations.

here are some photos of the tower I found on flickr, by Clay Hensley.

IMG_3703 by Clay Hensley, on Flickr

IMG_3704 by Clay Hensley, on Flickr


Great update!

photo by Steve Remich/Wall Street Journal


BK’s current tallest has quite the girth…

photo by Boris Perlin on flickr.

BROOKLYN by Boris Perlin, on Flickr




photo by Billie Ward

Another new tower. by Billie Grace Ward, on Flickr


Some photos from today. This is currently Brooklyn’s tallest!




Not a great picture but I actually like the angle.


photo by NYMAN2010, found on flickr. The Hub is in front of 1 WTC

Lower Manhattan Skyline, September 25, 2016 by NYMAN2010, on Flickr



Looks mostly complete but they still have the elevator up on the north side.



#Photography #Brooklyn #NYC #NightTime #CoreyWhitePhotography #CanonEos7D by Corey White, on Flickr

IMG_1935 by Clay Hensley, on Flickr