NEW YORK | 88 Schermerhorn Street | 185 FT | 20 FLOORS

No experience here, just a question from someone who lives next door at 96 Schermerhorn. Does anyone know how there will be enough space for a crane? Some specifics: the lot is 33 ft. x 100 ft.; the plan filed with DOB shows a 30 ft. x 33 ft. backyard; Schermerhorn is a narrow street.

88 Schermerhorn Street before/after, images by Think Architecture and Design/Google Maps

By: Nikolai Fedak 8:00 am on June 17, 2015

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Any update here?


it seems the rendering may have been updated




Whatever happened to this development? Was it NIMBY’d away, as per A Schermerhorn Street group fought off one high-rise development. Now another builder has stepped forward?

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this now has a contextual neo-deco design. It should be really nice if they don’t skimp on the materials.


The NIMBY opposition in this case may have led to this much improved architectural design. The original was way too ‘glassy’ and a bit too ‘sassy’.

This rates a solid BETTER, on my good/better/best rating scale. I do not expect every building to be iconic/best/serious architecture/capital A architecture - so this one still is doing us all a real public service with this fine design.

So, if this major design revision was due to “community opposition” - thanks NIMBY’s… :heart_eyes:

That’s a yes and no, but more a no. Nimby’s just dont want anything built so they wouldn’t have been the cause for a design change. They were “briefly” successful in putting a stopgap measure on the site in 2020 to prevent the original hotel from being built, but that didn’t really end up doing anything as the former townhouse was still demolished. The likely cause for the change of design was the pandemic, the site was sold to another investment firm in 2022, who then hired another architect to redesign the building under residential zoning instead of a hotel.

The new design is by NA Design Studio