NEW YORK | 292-294 5th Ave | 206 FT | 20 FLOORS

[PLAN EXAM - DISAPPROVED 03/14/2014 (J)][1]

Sept. 2014


I hope that something acceptable is built here.


I hope the owner flips the site and the new owner acquires the corner buolding.

Jan 28, 2016

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This news is almost as bad as the colossal missed opportunity at 50 HY.

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I agree!

Re: 50 HY

I’m not loving it nor am I hating it, but I agree 100%, a huge missed opportunity.

50 HY utterly sucks.

Having a Chang on 5th will be a disaster.

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Couldn’t have said it any better!

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I cringed when I saw that. Let’s hope for the best.

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Demo is basically done.

Hopefully, the Empire Hotel Group builds something decent here.

The initial plans called for a 20 story hotel, but then the developer acquired a third property, so it may grow a little.

It filed something with the DOB today.


Friend of mine got a job working for Sam Chang. Speaking to him now, just found out.

This is his first project that he’s designing.

Good news for Chris, that I’ll have the scoop, and will further this knowledge to the YIMBY family.


Nice! Kate Upton says u 'da man, Chris!

P.S.: I could look at that all day!!!


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One steaming pile of Kaufman on its way to 5th ave!! (the rendering makes it look like a Stern knockoff)

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Do you have any better photos of the rendering, Oppi?

sadly no, it was behind a concrete barrier, blocked off sidewalk scaffolding and that wire mesh screen.

Did it look ok? You mentioned that it appeared like a Stern knock off. That sounds somewhat promising.

It didn’t look like his worst work. It was limestone colored and had a smallish cornice, so it could turn out average if the materials and windows are of decent quality.


That’s good news. Having one of his cartoonish atrocities on Fifth would be frightening.

a closer look reveals… nothing special.