NEW YORK | 29-33 West 57th St | FT | FLOORS

Can’t wait for renderings and height info on this site. Lots of sites that have big plans ahead, yet we are in the dark. I guess it keeps the suspense in high gear for us. :wink:

I agree, Chris!

Only in NY!!!

I love the lines of the neighboring tower, the Solow building I believe. Great location.

I agree. The Grace Building on 42nd is the fraternal twin of Solow’s 9 W 57th.

Dec 17, 2015



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This site has been cleared!

I hope that Virnado builds another Stern tower here. I don’t know how many air rights Vornado has, but a slender 900’+ limestone tower would be quite nice here!

Dec 30, 2015


The site has been fully cleared.

Jan 8, 2015


Jan 14, 2015


Jan 22nd

Feb 2, 2016

Waiting for Godot


Hopefully we get some info and renderings soon enough. I wonder when construction will start here…

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I’m really curious about this site’s air rights. This can be at least a 700’ tower but perhaps 1,000.

Raw as-of-right potential, I believe, is between 150k to 200k. I’ll have to calculate it again. Air rights elsewhere could bump that up, of course!

Edit: 27-33 West 57th has 150,660 square feet of development rights. 35 W. 57th has 26,320 square feet of air rights (I’d image they get them). There are a few other properties with lots of air rights still.

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Thanks, Vena!

I love this view of the Solow building, albeit a temporary one.

I can’t wait to see the design for this site.


Interesting comments considering that LeFrak is Vornado’s partner at this site, though part of the plan is for a five-star hotel.


Hmmm, I wonder if they’ll build now or hold off for later like the Park Lane tower. But then again, this is a vacant lot and that’s a still profitable hotel.

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I agree. I think they’ll proceed. Part of this is supposed to be a hotel which will generate money.

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