NEW YORK | 285 East 44th Street | FT | FLOORS

Came across this. Was posted today in a thread on SSP.
Architects site lists it as Office + Retail

The site as of now,,+New+York,+NY,+USA/@40.75185842,-73.97100783,14.87274867a,326.04211786d,35y,2.91691833h,46.89690366t,0r/data=CpIBGmgSYgolMHg4OWMyNTkwMmRjODhkMjE1OjB4ZGNjNGY1ZjRhM2RjYmM3YRlw58JIL2BEQCG6jic4K35SwConMjg1IEVhc3QgNDR0aCBTdHJlZXQsIE5ldyBZb3JrLCBOWSwgVVNBGAIgASImCiQJz13Sx59gREARpNBD_-1fREAZ3PYsxA5-UsAhj3wfR4h-UsA

Whats i find interesting is that the architects site lists the client as NJUDEV, which is a website design firm


That would be amazing. The more drab white buildings that we get rid of, the better. This would be plumbing at its finest.

I’d like to see the vile POS located next door at 815 Second Avenue come down too.

This POS a few blocks up Second should come down too though it’s probably rent-regulated and, therefore, virtually impossible to redevelop.

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