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Construction fence up at 25-05 43rd Avenue site

While much of the attention on the corner of 43rd Avenue and Crescent Street has gone to Ekstein Development’s project at 25-19 43rd Avenue, there is a project on the lot next door that is just starting.

Late last week, construction crews put up a plywood fence to cover the site at 25-05 43rd Avenue based on a demolition permit that was approved on June 6. Crews will demolish the two story building that you see in the photos below. They will then begin construction on a nine story mixed-used building with 20,119 square feet of residential space and 2,756 of retail space that has been in the pipeline since August of 2011.

The white building (right) isn’t long for this world

A look at the construction fence at 25-05 43rd Avenue



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Also known as 42-59 Crescent Street

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