NEW YORK | 2413 3rd Avenue (The Bronx) | 297 FT | 27 FLOORS

another huge development for the Bronx. This is taller than Brookfield’s nearby mega development Bankside at 2401 3rd Ave & 101 Lincoln Avenue.

Brookfield’s Bankside:


Never thought I’d see this like of development in the Bronx.


I like this one . And how do I apply !

How do I apply for lottery to this building

CetraRuddy is architect


behind the Arches (pretty sure)

IMG_8549 I-87 Major Deegan Expressway by Debbie Vai, on Flickr


Like a mini Williamsburg or something popping up over there. That’s insane. What is the building next to the Arches?

By the way, the building under construction behind the arches is apart of Bankside. This one is not in the picture at all

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I wish that annoying Cubesmart storage thing wasn’t there, though.

Actually I think it is the building. It’s directly behind the Bankside buildings off Third Avenue.

Plus, Bankside doesn’t have any structures at this stage anymore.

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The building UC on the left of The Arches is another residential tower. Skyalign and YIMHudson are correct, this project is the one visible UC on the extreme right of the image.

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Most will assume it’s part of Bankside because it’s literally beside it lol

Btw I was sent some pics from the masonry contractor there, the slabs shift in the same way 450 11th Avenue does by HY. It’s a nice feature, and the glass exterior will help it standout from the Bankside towers.

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If both it and Bankside were at the same pace of construction I would’ve also mistaken it for being apart of Bankside, but since Bankside is practically almost done, it sticks out (like you mentioned). But it will also be easy to pick out once the façade goes up since it’s completely different than anything around it.

Can u send some pics? I’d love to see. Where can I find them

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Seven blocks to the #6 train, past the projects. That’s a hard sell.

you assume buyers won’t own cars so close to the Triboro and right next to the Third Avenue Bridge.

Right. I didn’t look into parking options within these new buildings. The thing is, do we want to encourage private cars within NYC?

I went to the area to hang out for a bit, they have a nice coffee shop so I stopped there. When you walk past the expressway, it’s an entire new land within a land. It’s absolutely astonishing how things change between the waterfront and inland. It’s like a mini Walmart version of Williamsburg , I would say.

However, say I wanted to go out for drinks in Manhattan and be back there past midnight, I wouldn’t do it. Unless you’re a Bronx native, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. And the walk is LONG!!! So some may look down upon that factor. All in all, the buildings are beautiful. Neighborhood is, although many dislike it, “gentrifying” rapidly.

Hopefully the construction continues. It’s densified already as is.


Thank you for the first hand report. I have walked around Wards island and back to the nearest train stop (pre covid) plus I worked at Yankee stadium for a few days but that was a long time ago. I also did a walking tour of Grand Concourse also pre covid but that of course is further north.