NEW YORK | 2 Hudson Square | 465 FT | 26 FLOORS


Very nice!


I’m guessing this is one of the sites that were designated for extra height in the rezoning. I know there were a number of them (that can probably be counted on one hand) This looks great. YIMBY has been killing it with these recent reveals.


SOM and Solow should take note on how a dark, blackish facade should be done…

This looks really great, what a great addition for the area. How close is this to the Disney HQ?

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It’s very close to the Disney HQ, which also isn’t far from Google’s new building on the West Side Highway. This area is really transforming.


which building is Disney in?

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Disney will be on the full block between Hudson and Varick – just up from this site.

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Why does the base seem more polished than the tower, which looks like an afterthought?

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The base section is adorned with terra-cotta facade panels: above that are more typical type metal channels framing the windows. I like the sparing uses of the terra-cotta; it is much more costly in both material and installation than the rest of the building above the base - this is a smart use of that material. This design is practical, functional, cost effective and it manages to do all that without looking ‘caca’ - which isn’t easy.