NEW YORK | 18 India Street | 445 FT | 40 + 40 FLOORS

RedSky Capital’s 40-Story Towers Coming To Greenpoint Waterfront Revealed

What will be replaced:

The wave of new developments rising along the Brooklyn and Queens waterfronts saw substantial vertical progress in 2017, with towers like The Greenpoint topping-out, and projects like TF Cornerstone’s Hunters Point South high-rises getting fresh renderings. The first days of 2018 are already signaling a continuation of the boom, and today YIMBY has the exclusive reveal for renderings of RedSky Capital’s redevelopment at 18 India Street, on the Greenpoint waterfront, which will yield approximately 650,000 square feet of space.

Renderings depict a rather unconventional configuration, with the various uses stacked one on top of the other in a Jenga-esque layout. The Brooklyn waterfront is no stranger to high-rises with interesting geometry, and Two Trees’ redevelopment of the Domino Sugar Factory and its surrounds will use similarly eye-catching engineering.

The exact architect of the project has not yet been revealed, but with the current glimpse quite promising, additional renderings are likely to offer details that establish 18 India Street as a future icon on the Greenpoint skyline.

The preliminary look is already quite promising, and the green-brick facade combined with the expansive rectangular windows should yield a development that is far less anonymous than the earliest towers to rise on the Greenpoint waterfront.


tentatively 445’, 470 units. That should make it the tallest of Greenpoint when all is said and done. SOM is the architect of record.


Green fence up. Demo hopefully soon.