NEW YORK | 131-141 East 47th Street | 455 FT | 34 FLOORS

Credit: Cauldwell Wingate


This is beautiful, but sadly, It appears that the crap hotel on the corner won’t be razed.

I was looking at that too, It really is blight. Ton of potential and also to cover up the blank wall.

Tourism is coming back big time and so I think we will see more of these type of towers rising.

Even if the Roger Smith was torn down, the small row buildings between it and this would also need to be redeveloped to cover the blank wall. But considering it’s permanently closed, I’m sure it will eventually be redeveloped (if the small row buildings are also bought) into something similar in size to this project but not vastly bigger.


I can see this whole area rising. Demand is high for hospitality. Also not a bad location for some residential. Given the narrower lots.

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That small building next to it with the sun shinning on it is possibly one of the few buildings in NYC with Art Nouveau detailing. Would be a shame to loose that.

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I agree. It’s a beautiful little building that should be restored. The problem is that if it’s not redeveloped, we’ll be stuck with that unfinished side on the new tower to the east.



I have tidied up here in topic so that I have deleted the last posts. Back to the topic, thank you.

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