NEW YORK | 124 West 16th Street | 120 FT | 11 FLOORS

earlier today:


earlier today

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Design-Build is the future for how we ‘design & build’ in America: this integrated project approach is much less adversarial - and much more cost effective.

The other big benefit has to do with this statement from the Cityrealty article posted above: "I’m shocked when I go into some of these other projects and there is $180K worth of marble, French ranges, walnut flooring, and Waterworks fixtures, but so many details are poorly executed. We are more interested in the craft and making it perfect. "

I see a lot of what is stated above, it is all to common in ‘luxury residential construction’ and how this is the case is due to a variety of reasons; perhaps one of the remedies is Design-Build Project delivery.

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The bluestone used for this building is beautiful. A very nice departure from the common brick or glass used in most buildings. The color is very calming, a good foil, in such an energetic city. Great job all around, especially in incorporating the old church.