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Less is in at 11 North Moore: architecture review

Adjmi & Andreoli design a model of austere grace

May 30, 2014 04:35PM
By James Gardner

Rendering of 11 North Moore

Developed by VE Equities and designed by Adjmi & Andreoli, 11 North Moore promises – if we can trust the renderings – to be one of the must accomplished buildings to rise in Tribeca since gentrification swept the area some two decades ago.

Back then, it would have seemed unbelievable that there would ever arise in this area a massive structure, ten stories tall and stretching over one city block, that contained only 18 units. But such is the case at 11 North Moore, whose units range from a 1,900 square foot, three-bedroom apartment to one of 4,900 square feet with a private swimming pool.

There is an austere grace to this design, which continues to reveal some of the geometric elegance that Mr. Adjmi acquired in the studios of Aldo Rossi, but with none of the playful architectural allusions that he has employed in the past.

The overall concept of the building is a grid, defined in pale cast concrete that brings to mind what Rafael Vinoly is creating at 432 Park Avenue. The project occupies the entire lot and rises up like a solid block to the sixth floor, where a four-story setback rises. The first two stories are defined as a base by a darker trim that distinguishes those levels from the rest of the building.

The central eight bays are further defined by a paler shade of brown and rise into the domain of the setback in a way that shrewdly saves the design from the monotony that is always possible in an uninflected grid. At the very top is a small glass structure that quietly challenges, in its apparent fragility, the forceful solidity of the rest of the façade, even as it picks up a similar motif in the base of the building.

Overall, 11 North Moore is an object lesson in the best sort of professionalism and quiet competence.

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June 15

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Construction Update: 11 North Moore


11 North Moore

Construction continues at 11 North Moore in Tribeca, which has now topped-out; the project began rising above ground approximately one year ago, and progress has been swift. The building’s facade remains missing in action, and no windows are visible, but scaffolding has recently encased the structure, designed by Adjmi & Andreoli developed by VE Equities.

11 North Moore, looking north

11 North Moore stands ten stories tall, and the building has eighteen apartments, with units falling on the astronomical end of the pricing spectrum. In January, Curbed reported that the penthouse came on the market for $40 million.

The site was initially subject of a different proposal — also by Adjmi & Andreoli — which would have been dubbed 24 Varick. That iteration was shelved for the current design, which is more contextual with the surrounding neighborhood, utilizing a subdued concrete facade.

11 North Moore, rendering by AA Studio

Renderings promise an attractive addition to the Tribeca streetscape, and 11 North Moore’s window panes will rank amongst the largest in New York City, comparing with 432 Park Avenue. Soaring ceilings and expansive layouts cement the project’s superluxe status.

11 North Moore

Information previously posted on construction signage indicated 11 North Moore was supposed to be completed earlier this year, but clearly work is ongoing, and an early 2015 opening would appear likely at this point.

11 North Moore and 56 Leonard behind

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Was there a parking lot on this site?