LOS ANGELES | 1212 Flower St | 529 + 421 FT | 50 + 31 FLOORS


Within spitting distance of Amacon’s proposed development, the Onni Group has plans for two additional high-rise structures on the parking lot of the 1212 Flower Street office building. The first tower would rise 40 stories (529 feet) at the intersection of Hope and 12th Streets, containing 420 residential units. The second structure, a 31-story tower (421 feet), would create an additional 310 units along the Flower Street side of the property. Both glass-clad towers would sit atop approximately 8,000 square feet of ground floor commercial space, with frontage on all three sides of the pacel site. The project would include a total of 843 parking spaces, contained within an above and below grade garage, which would serve residents, commercial tenants and the existing office building. Residential units would screen above-grade parking from street view on levels five through seven.


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