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That the city and state will never get back. These stadiums are never net positive, that’s why the owners always want public money.

No it isn’t. And it also isn’t needed.

Again, these are the Athetics. Little league teams pull in bigger crowds. None of their games will be big events, and they are not going to make the playoffs.


The As have made the playoffs 7 times since 2000. They are also a historic franchise, and, not shockingly, have moved before- the franchise originally started in Philadelphia and moved to Kansas City and then Oakland and now- Viva Las Vegas! Baseball is a business, after all.

$380 million is NOTHING when you’re looking at having an MLB team in your city for the next 50-100 years. And who are you to decide what is “needed”?

The city and state will get it back. You can’t quantify notoriety or prestige. This stadium will bring thousands of jobs, notoriety, prestige, and more tourists into the casinos.

There is a reason the labor unions and casinos wanted the Raiders and now the As, and they will get an NBA team, I’m sure.

Las Vegas politicians are here to play ball and improve their city. Frumpy Oakland is not.

This is also amazing news for MLB on the whole. 81 games per annum in the global entertainment capital.

No, it won’t. It never will. These stadiums never do. This has been widely known for a long time now.

Yes it is something. What kinda take is this?
Who I am to decide what is needed? A person with a functioning brain. Now actually bringing up what is needed was unnecessary and I prolly shouldn’t have done that, as if you wanna be pedantic most things aren’t strictly needed.

The labor unions want it because they want jobs building it, they don’t care what business it will bring afterwards or whether it’s actually beneficial for the city. And the casinos have literally never care about benefiting anything but themselves, I mean a casinos entire business model is taking advantage of the flaws of humans.

Impore their city is a stretch. Until Vegas invests in some more multimodal transit, their traffic is gonna be choked on that road.

Vegas is neither the global entertainment capital nor is it even the national entertainment capital. Which would either go to LA or NYC. Or possibly even Orlando. It’s not even the global gambling capital, which is Macau.


“Presenters projected $900 million in annual construction wages and $17 million in tax revenue from operations each year in a study run by firms including Goldman Sachs, and funded by the Athletics. They said the state’s general fund would increase from the project.”

17 x 25years (at least) = 425 million


Yes of course a presenter wants to make a best case for the thing that it’s presenting. That doesn’t mean they’re right and again, still doesn’t make a stadium net positive economically.


Orlando? What in the world.

And where are all the major casino companies headquartered? It’s not Macau.

And Macau and China in general are not sustainable. They have a lot of problems and will be stuck in the middle income trap.

Economists disagree on whether stadia are net positives. I’m on the positive side. You are not. This argument isn’t going anywhere.

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The Las Vegas mayor doesn’t have jurisdiction over the unincorporated part of Clark County where the stadium is proposed to be located. So her comments don’t matter much as she won’t have a say in the matter.

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Sydney Opera House

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Screw that. Leave them homeless. They wanted to leave let them leave

Why are they staying at the Coliseum?

Given attendance figures, couldn’t they get a better deal at a ballpark affiliated with a local community college?

As far as I see it, the only way the A’s play the next several seasons in Oakland is if they can’t get a favorable deal in Sacramento, Salt Lake City, or one of the other cities aiming to prove their major league bonafides. The team has poisoned the well with Oakland fans — nobody’s lining up to pack the stands for a sendoff season, whether at the Coliseum, Peralta College, or anywhere else.