KUALA LUMPUR | Merdeka 118 | 679m | 2227ft | 118 fl

Can’t believe we don’t have a thread about the
*current second tallest skyscraper in the world. A lot of this willbe taken from Wikipedia so credit there.


Merdeka 118, also known as Merdeka PNB 118 , Warisan Merdeka Tower and KL 118 is a 118-story, 678.9-meter-tall megatall skyscraper in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is the world’s second-tallest building.

Merdeka 118
Merdeka 118 logo.png\ 90x225
Merdeka 118 20220327.jpg\ 225x808


Former names KL 118, Heritage of Independence, Menara Warisan Merdeka, PNB Headquarters
Alternative names PNB 118, Merdeka PNB118, Merdeka Tower

Record height

Tallest in Southeast Asia since 2020[I]
Preceded by Landmark 81

General information

Status Topped out
Type Mixed-use: Shopping complex, Office, Housing Properties, Hotel, Observation
Architectural style Neo-futurism & Malay traditional songket pattern
Location Jalan Hang Jebat, Kuala Lumpur
Country Malaysia
Named for Malaysia’s Merdeka Day
Construction started July 2014[4]
Topped-out November 2021
Estimated completion 2022[5]
Cost RM5 billion ($1.5 billion USD)
Owner PNB Merdeka Ventures Sdn Bhd (under PNB)

Architectural 678.9 m (2,227 ft)[3]
Antenna spire 160 m (520 ft)[7]
Roof 518.9 m (1,702 ft)
Top floor 515 m (1,690 ft)
Observatory 2 observatories. Building: 518.9 m (1,702 ft), Spire: 566 m (1,857 ft)

Technical details

Structural system Steel
Reinforced concrete
Concrete encased steel
Floor count 118 (with 5 below ground)
Floor area 292,000 m2 (3,140,000 sq ft)
Lifts/elevators 87

Design and construction

Architect Fender Katsalidis in association with RSP KL
Developer PNB Merdeka Ventures Sdn Bhd
Structural engineer Leslie E. Robertson Associates, Robert Bird Group in association with Arup[6]
Main contractor Samsung C&T
UEM Group

Other information

Parking 8,100 parking bays

The building’s name, Merdeka (which means ‘independence’), is inspired by its proximity to two stadiums: Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara.[8] The spire of the building was completed in November 2021.[9]

The building is expected to be finished by the end of 2022, and will become the tallest in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. It will surpass the 632 m (2,073 ft) Shanghai Tower as the world’s second-tallest building and structure, surpassing the 451.9 m (1,483 ft) Petronas Twin Towers as the tallest building in Malaysia, and surpassing the 461 m (1,512 ft) Landmark 81 as the tallest building in ASEAN. taking the title by virtue of its 160-metre-tall (520 ft) spire.[10] The building will also be the first in Malaysia to receive a triple platinum rating from worldwide sustainability certifications, including the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).[10]


The craziest thing is that they’re planning another megtall in this same city. Which would be crazy, I believe it’s called Manara Tradewinds Square.
This skyline is gonna be insane if that happens.
Hopefully NYC gets a megatall soon, like the Park Central Hotel megatall proposal.

Scratch that. There are proposals for 2 megatalls. The previously mentioned and also Tower M ar 700M!!! Even taller than Merdeka. This so insane! Though currently there are no plans to actually build this tower.


The spire alone on this would be a skyscraper in most cities. lol


Yeah at 160 M it’s pretty tall by itself, and there’s an observation deck in the spire. I wanna go one day

Also Rgarri can you make a rendering of the future skyline for this city? With Merdeka, Tower M, and tradewinds square?

On your own time ofc I know you’re a busy man.

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Lol, I agree. And also it would look somewhat puny if placed in Midtown Manhattan


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