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These photos are from 3 days ago, so yes quite new. I did notice that the lot was not weeded so I took the photo. It’s supposed to be a 1-story retail structure with a Starbucks - it’s mentioned right in the application, although I’m not sure if it’s only a Starbucks or a building with more than one store. In the background is the lot for 11 Bennett St, in front of the white building on the right. It’s supposed to be a 12 story building (the white building would be demolished and included in that project as well). Haven’t heard anything about this one for a long time.

I wasn’t sure about CityLine East. The articles on it refer to it as a 198 Unit building, which doesn’t seem to fit into what I’ve seen about the performing arts building, which is supposed to have 343 units. I wonder if there’s an updated site plan for the whole campus floating around somewhere, because the new Block 1 building(s) also doesn’t seem to fit into the ones I’ve seen.

305-311 West Side Avenue looks to have finally restarted with facade repairs/ installation going in

400 Claremont - facade installation continues

NJCU Rivet 2 and new dorm building

Most of the retail have opened on Rivet 1. Not pictured is the nail salon on the opposite corner that opened last week.

They’ve stripped the facade and revealed the original underneath with the giant windows. Probably as a way to sell the property better.


Massive site, 860 units, office space, retail and schools

Plans to bring a massive development project to Jersey City’s West Side are expected to be detailed during a virtual meeting today.
During its regular meeting this evening, the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency Board of Commissioners is scheduled to hear a presentation from
The development firm, which is associated with Panepinto Properties and the Alessi Organization, is planning a project that would include 860 residential units, 41,800 square feet of office space, 30,000 square feet of retail space, 30,000 square feet of charter school space, and 247,500 square feet worth of parking, according to the meeting agenda.



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thats a great photo, lots of colors, almost like curacao or something, but I’m pretty sure thats a photo of harsimus cove area in downtown JC, not the westside.


NJCU West Campus update

400 Claremont - hard to see but the copper façade plates are going in

305-311 West Side Avenue - slowly being re-finished

405 Route 440

If the building ultimately ends up being constructed as approved, it would include 119 one-bedroom units, 35 two-bedroom units, and four three-bedroom units, but the application shows that there would not be any “affordable housing.”

I think the design is amazing, especially when you see what’s going up and what’s not going up around it. There’s a lot of NIMBY feedback on the Jersey Digs comments section, but I think they forget that in a few years, you’ll have Bayfront, the HBLR Extension, and the NJCU West Campus really close by. The city needs to invest in cleaning up 440, and one way to get them to notice is development in the area. Hope this goes through!


The city can’t really reject Planning Board applications like this, because they follow the zoning pretty closely. Sometimes they reject the applications for political reasons, but then they get sued by the applicant, and ordered to approve the application by a judge (see the Perrine Ave and Bright & Varick microunit applications from a few years ago).

The Zoning Board is where the city really has discretion to approve or deny applications, because they tend to be asking for major variances.


typically what is the difference between the two in JC? can you get technical on the nuances between the two and what is more beneficial as a developer? Thanks!

Parcels within redevelopment plans go before the Planning Board. Usually the hurdle to clear is lower. The Planning Board also hears cases for buildings greater than 5 units or 5,000 sq feet that conform to zoning. Again, since these buildings follow the rules, the hurdle is lower.

The Zoning Board hears cases for parcels outside of redevelopment plans, that do not conform to zoning. The hurdle is higher to clear. But in JC a lot of these are entitled to exceptions from the zoning because JC has a lot of narrow lots, and a lot of lots zoned for Bayonne boxes but predominantly surrounded by multifamily buildings. When you have a small lot, or you’re told you can only build a 2-family while the rest of the block is apartment buildings, you have a strong case for Zoning Board approval.

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Got it ! Thanks so much!!

Last question - what if you aren’t in the redevelopment zone and conform to zoning? Do you go to the zoning board regardless with easy approval? Do most developers get variances?

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If you aren’t in the redevelopment plans but you do conform to zoning and you’re more than 5,000 sq ft or 5 units, then you go before the Planning Board with easy approval. If you’re less than 5,000 sq ft and less than 5 units, no Board approval required.

If you aren’t in the redevelopment plans but you do NOT conform to zoning, you have to go to the Zoning Board, where it’s harder to make a case for approval. But lots of applicants do make a case. The Zoning Board grants more than 80 variances a year.


20 Carbon Place

Both towers are slated to include a total of 450 units breaking down as 89 studios, 253 one-bedrooms, and 108 two-bedrooms. Both structures will have one-story sections that allow for second floor outdoor dog runs, while the third floor of both towers will feature 4,300-square foot common terraces in the rear of the buildings.

49 Fisk St

A six-story building with 338 units, 144 parking spaces, and 169 bicycle spaces is currently planned for 49 Fisk Street. The development would include 118 studios, 161 one-bedroom units, 59 two-bedroom units, and an amenity roof deck, according to a principal points statement.

West Side Station Park and Ride

“The redeveloper proposes to develop, finance, and construct on the property a project consisting of 860 residential units, 41,800 square feet of office space, 30,000 square feet of retail space, 30,000 square feet for a charter school, and 247,500 square feet for parking,” according to the resolution.
Conceptual plans for the project that Jersey Digs obtained from the JCRA through a public records request show that the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail’s extension from the existing West Side Avenue terminus to the proposed Bayfront station would run through the middle of the complex, as would an elevated park.

The proposed development could include at least two 12-story mixed-use buildings, two six-story residential buildings, roof terraces, and a 660-space parking garage, according to the plans.

Huge fan of this elevated park idea next to the train - but I think they are condensing too many units in one area. Especially when most of these units will be studio and 1 bedrooms (the developers are shying away from 2-3 bedroom units from my knowledge). I think it needs more open space- possibly some park space. The parking garage is a great idea but the proposal itself needs a lot of work and community input.

Overall, these are all great projects and I’m glad to see some light shining on my part of town. But that’s a huge glut of units with just a light rail and some bus lines serving it. This doesn’t even include projects already U/C or still proposed.


January 2022 Update!
I don’t have photos of everything but I’ll list as many updates as I can.

52 University Place - this should be next on the pipeline as the two buildings under construction are now open and occupied by tenants. This will be a big one. That BW image is the latest rendering I received :eyes:

49 Fisk Street - I know for a fact that the permit to start this job has already been submitted to the DOB for review. Sitework has already commenced on the property as well.

400 Claremont (3 Acres) - already open

305-311 West Side Avenue - Exterior work is completed and they are still working on interiors and the ground level.

315 West Side Avenue - This one went up very quickly. They had a small delay after the steel was erected but the wood framing is now up to the top floor. The photo with 311 Summit shows the top floor erected - this one is a bit older.

340 West Side Avenue - this one has also started construction and formwork is going up for the perimeter/ fire stairs.

100 Water Street - Phase 1 of the Agnes is open, phase 2 is finishing up. The farmers market in front has closed (RIP - they’ve been around forever) so I would assume they are getting ready for the next phases.

The View at Lincoln Park - currently under construction. I’ll get a photo when I can but the superstructure is topped out. So it’s very far along.

Now on to the proposals:

682 Route 440/ 11 Bennett

This will be to the left of 16 Bennett and the upcoming Starbucks next door. I don’t know how to feel about this…it sticks out.

403-405 West Side Avenue

Nice infill of an empty lot - on the site of a building that burned in a fire. Across the street from the light rail.

277-299 West Side Avenue

If this one goes through - that would be the last building on this stretch of West Side Avenue to be redeveloped. West Side Avenue is changing very, very quickly. No affordable housing units in any of the projects I have mentioned. This would be a perfect place to include them but let’s see what the next round of approvals bring.


381 Route 440

70 Fisk Street

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Hey @mcart - perhaps make a specific thread for NJ development. These last two articles have nothing to do with the West Side of Jersey City. Only connection here is that NJCU left the Fort Monmouth campus but still a stretch.

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Yeah I know they have no connection beside s being in Jersey

Target is going before the Planning Board on March 21st for a new 119k sq.ft. store at 440. Finally some good news for that area since K-Mart closed so long ago.