JERSEY CITY | Journal Square Urby (532 Summit Ave) | 291 FT | 25 FLOORS

A lot of great photos on there


We need more of this public art throughout the city. There are plenty of blank walls to go around.

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Credit: Cahn Communications


Will have a Korean BBQ place in the lobby:

"The brainchild of Jae Park & Brian Kim of DOMODOMO fame, BRBQ includes a vibrant cafe and lounge serving both brunch and dinner… BRBQ’s menu boasts dishes with a touch of fire and Asian influence, such as the delectable galbi steak and mochi waffles. The laid back and modern design of BRBQ celebrates the fusion of Korean and American culture. "

First reported on reddit:

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Landscaping is almost complete. They’re working on the Pavonia Ave side today.


Slightly OT, but does anyone know who to contact for employment with these buildings? It doesn’t have to be just this specific site, but with all the new buildings going up in Journal Square, there are bound to be many job opportunities arising. I don’t know whether they contract out services like concierge, security, etc or if they hire in-house.

They hire people from staffing agencies. Concierge positions can be found from staffing agencies like Forrest Solutions as an example . Security is also from staffing agencies. FJC and Allied Universal as an example. However, i don’t think you’d find those security agencies being hired for luxury apartments @HotPocketMan

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The grocery/deli in the Journal Squared towers was hiring walk-ins. They had a sign on the door before opening. The manager there might still be receptive to walk-in job inquiries.