Fire at Notre Dame cathedral

Sad day in history. :frowning:


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What a loss for the world. Hopefully they’re able to rebuild

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Sad. They’ll rebuild it I’m sure.

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I was there a couple years ago. When I was walking around the outside I saw these metal grates protecting the stained glass.

I remember thinking how tragic it would be if all that history was lost from someone throwing a rock.

I was upset about the thought of windows getting broken, this is unfathomable.

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What’s even more crazy is to think that this building survived centuries of being illuminated by candles.

But burns down in the era of modern sprinkler systems? Crazy!

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Completed in 1345…what a loss for our human heritage. I studied this building in school and the fact that future students will be viewing photos or a tour of a reconstruction instead of the original is really sad to me. And to think it survived both world wars only to fall to accidental human error.

But for some good news, it seems the firefighters have saved the structural integrity of the building, and as well as the priceless artifacts, paintings and belfry have been saved.

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fortunately they were able to save the iconic bell towers. I visited many years back. Asides from its historical/religious significance it’s the textbook example of Gothic architecture. We New Yorkers can think about The 100+ year old Woolworth Building and its Neogothic style but Parisians can look at Notre Dame and that’s the real deal.

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Such a great monument lost due to human error. Heartbreaking.

The tightrope walker Philippe Petit walked between the towers of this, too. Sad that he had to watch the two towers he walked between be destroyed on live television as the world watched in horror. Now, it’s happened again.


This is unbelievable…human error? Man if I was working on this just before the fire I’d be as careful as I possibly can! It seems like it was carelessly torched, but at least they have stated they can rebuild. But it won’t be the same

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two pics from 01.06.20