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let’s see what Disney is cooking up…

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I don’t think this is a fight Desantis wants…

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Could anybody tell me how important the Long Island MacArthur Airport is? Is it vital? Or could it be removed with minimal effect, simply routing more people to the LIRR on the way to Laguardia or JFK

^Well if that airport was ever removed, I could see that as being a perfect place for ¨Disneyworld New York City¨.

The airport is 1,311 acres. This is nowhere near the total size of Disneyworld Orlando (at 25,000 acres), however the actual 4 main parks only take up 1,096 acres, which still makes it the largest disney park.

But it is large enough to be Disney´s second biggest park. This would be massive for the area and the city. the New York City metro has a large population than the entirety of Florida (not to mention just the population within reach of Disneyworld), and the city alone brings in millions of tourists every single year. I think the economics just make sense. Think about it, some people plan their entire vacations around going to just Disneyworld alone, if one was located within reach of NYC that would be insane.

As for connections to the park, I don´t know if a LIRR line is close by but one could be extended directly to the park itself. (also hopefully would put more pressure to get a long island sound bridge and/or tunnel done to allow easier access not just to long island and the city, but now the park.

Also, this is entirely just focusing on a Disney Park. If a Disney Park sets up, the rest are sure to follow. A huge theme park area in long island in easy reach to NYC. Would be pretty insane.

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Well going off of what Google says, the airport provides strong benefits to the people living there, contributes over $600M to the economy, and 6,000 jobs in the community. It attracts businesses and supports their logistics and transport.

It would be cool to see a Disney Park so close to NYC. Building a Disney World in Long Island, New York would attract millions of tourists each year, boosting the local economy significantly. The park would create thousands of jobs and generate significant tax revenue for the state. Additionally, it would create a new source of entertainment for families in the area and provide a unique experience for visitors to New York. I have no doubt about that it would gain a lot of visitors from the Northeast and North.

Although I don’t know if Disney would go through with it due to the logistics and weather. If they were to remove that airport and use JFK as the primary airport, that would be about a hour drive. They could use high speed rail as transportation. I also don’t think Disney would want to hurt Disney World unless it was severely crowded and they needed a second East Coast hub.


Yeye. This is obviously just a concept I made in a couple minutes but I do think it’d be interesting to see what Disney would with it. It doesn’t necessarily have to go where that airport is, I just picked it because of the large avaliable area.

As for Disney world Orlando, I really don’t think it would hurt it all that much. That place from what I can tell is always crowded, like year round.

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I wonder what DeSantis would do if Disney announced that they were closing up shop and pulling out of Florida?

That would take a minute, especially for DisneyWorld as it’s the largest of Disney’s resorts. However if Desantis keeps pushing Disney they may find out just how spiteful they can be. Florida is an important market, but it is not irreplaceable and many states on the East Coast would be more than willing to accept a new disney park.

Realistically Disney can’t just up and move. They have 27,520 acres worth of land, extensive investments, and a presence in Florida. Florida is already a tourist spot year around and brings in tons of visitors. Trying to replicate that in another state on the East Coast would be very challenging.

Moreover, Florida’s favorable tax policies and business-friendly environment have incentivized Disney to establish its facilities there. Relocating the company’s operations would require significant investments in building new facilities and relocating employees, disrupting the company’s operations, and potentially alienating its loyal customer base. Hence, moving out of Florida would be a significant risk that may harm the company’s financial performance and brand reputation.

Even if they were to move out, that would be a decade-long process of finding the right state, buying land, building the parks and infrastructure, getting permits, establishing a presence, etc. So not very likely to happen.

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Yes, I know all of that. Again, Florida is not irreplaceable. It would just be significant challenge.

Also about the tourist thing, that’s not really a significant factor. Sure it helps that Florida is generally seen as a good vacation spot, but when people decide to take a vacation to go to DisneyWorld, they’re going on a vacation to DisneyWorld, not Florida. Especially not Orlando vs Tampa or Miami.

What state do you think would be the best fit if Disney did decide to move or add another park on the East Coast?

I wonder if Disney, just making noise of moving, would be enough for DeSantis to back down. Seems to me, Florida is only business-friendly if they like you.

Years ago Disney tried to assemble a park in the DC area and got shot down. There is really no good place for them to go on the East Coast. MacArthur off and on is discussed as being enlarged/upgraded to take pressure off LaGuardia.