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Amazon’s HQ2 in NoVA to Include Unique Helix Tower

On Tuesday, Amazon unveiled its plans for PenPlace, the second phase of its $2.5 billion HQ2 in Arlington, Va.

The e-commerce giant will build three 22-story buildings comprising 2.8 million square feet, an amenity building that includes a community gathering space and day care center, and three retail pavilions.

The centerpiece of the project will be HQ2’s fourth and largest tower, a 350-foot building known as The Helix, as it will boast two spiraling outdoor walkways with trees and plants from Virginia that twist to the building’s peak.

“The Helix will include a hill climb that allows people to traverse the entire height of the building and a variety of spaces for individual and team work or relaxation,” Adam Sedo, a company spokesperson, said on a media call. “Designed to reflect a shape commonly found in nature, The Helix will be open to the public select weekends every month.”

The company noted that the new buildings will accommodate approximately 13,000 employees, with room for more.

“We’ve designed a workspace for our employees that will prioritize areas for collaboration, natural light, and a constant interaction with nature,” Sedo said.

Matt de Ferranti, chair of Arlington County’s board of supervisors, said the plans will go into public review so neighbors and stakeholders can have an opportunity to review design concepts in further detail and provide input.

“We expect that the process will conclude with the proposal coming before the county’s Planning Commission and County Board by the end of the year,” he said.

PenPlace will also include three acres of open space with a dog run and a 250-seat amphitheater for public use.

Construction is set to begin in 2022 with completion sometime in 2025.


High Res Rendering:

Credit: [url]https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2021/02/02/amazon-arlingon-headquarters-helix/[/url]




In a good way or bad lol?

I love it! I only wish we had this in NYC. :frowning:

Pepperidge Farms remembers what happened in LIC!


I love it. The moronic Commies in NY should be thrown out of the city. What a huge loss!


that’s it. That’s the design.

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It’s cool but it’s a little Dubai-ish.

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Not only are they not thrown out but they are re-voted back in. NYC is really a lost cause.


Additional renderings from the architects: NBBJ

PenPlace at Amazon’s Arlington Headquarters





I’m honestly not bothered this wont be in NYC. New york has enough great modern architecture, the washington DC metro area on the other hand doesn’t really have a lot of modern architecture so I think this is a great addition to the urban fabric of the city


“The proposed height of The Helix building exceeded the FAA’s maximum allowed height for flight procedures at Reagan National Airport by 13 feet,” MWAA said in a statement to WTOP.

A source familiar with the construction of Amazon’s HQ2 told WTOP that the proposed design for the complex, which was submitted in February, is not the final design but believes the current version is in line with FAA regulations.

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“Too tall”, this thing should be taller with it’s bizarre design


A ton of new renderings/information about Amazon’s HQ2 from:




The Federal Aviation Administration has no issue with the height of Amazon.com Inc.'s proposed Helix, the towering conical structure that will be a major part of HQ2’s PenPlace phase, closing the book on questions raised by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

The federal agency’s review process required a monthslong aeronautical study, which concluded that the planned building, which rises 355 feet above ground level, “would not be a hazard to air navigation," despite its close proximity to Reagan National Airport. That’s as long as it includes red lighting, according to a letter that the FAA sent Nov. 26 to Amazon’s PenPlace design team.

“The cumulative impact of the proposed structure, when combined with other proposed and existing structures, is not considered to be significant,” the FAA letter reads. “Study did not disclose any adverse effects on existing or proposed public-use or military airports or navigational facilities, nor does the proposal affect the capacity of any known existing or planned public-use or military airport.”


The glass for Amazon HQ is made in Germany by (facade builder Gartner from Gundelfingen), as well as the facade of the Lakhta Center in Saint Petersburg.

Link is in german


Washington D.C leans heavily to left. More than pretty much every other city in the country. So not sure what you are thinking.

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County lawmakers on Saturday unanimously endorsed the expansion of Amazon’s footprint at the 10.4 acre site in Pentagon City, known as PenPlace. Plans include three corporate office buildings, retail pavilions, a futuristic glass Helix, a child-care facility and about 2.75 acres of open space.

All five county board members acknowledged these lingering concerns, saying that they can and should be addressed in future meetings with Amazon executives. Ultimately, however, they agreed that PenPlace was an architecturally striking project that will raise the bar on sustainability practices and stimulate economic growth in the county.


Omg are you serious? Please stop acting as if this development is even significant enough to affect NYC’s economy. There’s no need to be political but assuming you support the treasonous Republicans?

Good for Arlington but even Jersey City has far more numerous & impressive developments than this, it’s really not that big of a deal for NYC. In fact we’re better off not being sucked dry by Amazon via public subsidies.