Development Status Discussion

What are they all? and which ones does this site use as a separator?

From what I can tell this site sticks with Vision > Proposal > Under construction > Completed
I like the simplicity of sticking with that, but with the massive amounts major projects under development it would be easier for someone to get a picture of that’s going on if we broke it down some more.

Vision- Anything that has not had an official filing

Proposal- Developer has started the process required to turn a vision into a reality. May or may not happen, likely somewhat different than the initial vision.

Approved- Development has cleared all the bureaucracy, waiting on demolition, or some other sort of site prep (like MTA). I see Vandy 1, 3 Hudson BLVD, and several of the Hudson Ph 1 developments that would fall under this category. The approved category developments would tell me there is a very good chance it could happen.

On Hold- Project is ready to go but the developer has decided to wait on something (key thing is it is developer choice, if the city is reviewing something in my mind it goes back to being a proposal). 2 WTC, 15 Penn Plaza are a couple of major ones I see here. Both are greenlit but developer not ready to push forward.

Under construction- The super structure of the building is being constructed but is not yet complete.

Topped out- You can separate architecturally and structurally if you like, but to me this is when a tower is 99.9% gonna be completed even if it sits vacant for a few years… or 20 in the case of the one in Pyongyang.

Demolished/Destroyed- self explanatory
Cancelled- For whatever reason development was officially cancelled, we have see some of these cancelled projects reborn, but they are typically much different than the original version.

What would also be awesome would be for someone to maintain a spreadsheet with each development (lets say over 100m) in NYC and its construction status and have it pinned to the top with the appropriate thread linked. This would make it easy for the community here to track and keep each other up to date on each major project.

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