Chicago | James R. Thompson Center | 308 FT | 17 FLOORS

Where is the 1700 foot tower? :rage:

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No tower but an architectural gem is saved :slight_smile:


I would’ve liked to have seen a tall tower attached to the rear of the existing building like Helmut Jahn himself proposed a few years ago–that way the iconic atrium would be preserved AND Chicago would get a new super-tall. But this is the next best thing. I’m just glad the Thompson Center won’t be demolished. (But I do hope they keep the bright colors, looking at those renders it looks all boring 21st century silver-gray instead of the current polychrome '80s extravaganza).

Helmut’s proposal to save the atrium and add a supertall:


It’s annoying that they didn’t choose to build the 1,700 footer (not that it was likely, as it was just a random concept) here, but keep in mind that can still be built elsewhere. It’s great that they’re keeping it at all when it just as easily could have been demolished.

New York and Chicago lost their 500m roof height buildings in the same day! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Chicago was never guaranteed to get a 1,700 footer here anyway, that was just one proposal (not really, rather concept) of many. It was never even guaranteed to get a tower at all, as you have seen it play out currently.
NY on the other hand has been dealt a ridiculous, unnecessary, bs move for no reason at all. Why the arbitrary 67 height reduction? That does nothing. But let’s keep that to the proper thread.

Dude what are you talking about. There was never a proposed 1700-footer here, it was purely a theoretical concept from the original architect. No developer, nor the city, ever had any such plans.

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I guess I expected Chicago to keep the original design. Chicago just doesn’t seem to have its pioneer and innovative spirit to construction anymore. It used to have the world’s tallest skyline just a few years ago…

I was responding to the height of the building listed on this page. It was and has been listed at 1700 feet on YIMBY.

Chicago has been a comfortable second to NYC for decades. Agreed that the title of post should be changed (this news did just break today), but if you want innovation it seems Tribune East Tower will be built. Not 1700ft but definitely a skyline changing tower nonetheless.


The thread is literally tagged “vision.”

I say keep it in its original form, though I know Helmut himself said he wanted it redone

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Change the title. This is not 1700 ft.

And how? What title?

Yes. There’s no redevelopment here. Considering all of the massive body blows that Chicago has sustained (out of control crime, marquis companies leaving, massive projects canceled, etc.), that Google is even buying this is a coup.

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saw this comment on SSP and chuckled:

“The Thompson center was supposed to symbolize transparent government, but instead it may become Alphabet’s panopticon. Love it”

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Too small is boring

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